A Quick Shout-out to the Felix

Before I get too wrapped up in blogging, I need to give my husband, Felix, the kudos he deserves.

My man “helped” build my website to what you see today.  Of course all I told him was that I wanted pink, teal, bunnies, and scooters and he somehow made that happen, beautifully I might add.  (If I can even say that about my own site….)

Between my internal tug-of-war between pink or teal backgrounds, he still found the time to make dinner, clean the bunny area, and get groceries.  All, while I might add, that yours truly sewed, fitted, and pressed my creations only to be featured on his blog.  I married the best supportive and selfless Felix there is out there.

So officially, “THANK YOU” Felix!  You rock.

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