What is zilredloh?

Simply put, it’s my name backwards.  It’s pronounced like “zil-red-low”.

How did you learn to sew or knit?

Surprisingly, I learned how to knit and crochet from youtube videos.  I had some help along the way from a couple of talented women in my office when I got stumped or had any questions.

After a year or two of knitting, I went to my first sewing class at The Needle Shop (now called Oak Fabrics) to make a zippered pillow.  I got stung by the sewing bug pretty hard and took a series of beginner, project oriented classes that ended with an A-line zippered skirt.  After that, everything I have learned has been from reading numerous sewing books and magazines, or by reading blogs.

Can you define your style?

I consider my style to be something of ‘vintage modern’.  I have a major love of 1940’s and 1950’s styles, but I do mix and match styles and decades. 

I love dressing up, but after hours when at home you’ll often find me pj pants and a hand-knit sweater.

On my blog, I do aim to put my best foot forward. But everything I blog about I am comfortable wearing in ‘real life’.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in so many ways.  Sometimes it’s a collar on a blouse that is for sale (or has sold), a fabric itself can get my creative juices flowing, pattern art is wonderful, and even vintage ads or magazines have wonderful ideas.  I’m a very visual person, so sometimes I see things and I want to rush home and figure out how to recreate or reinterpret any given detail.

What sewing machine do you use?

I love using one of my many vintage sewing machines to stitch up a garment.  My two favorites at the moment are my JC Penny machine from the 50’s/60’s that is made by White, and my 1940’s singer featherweight.

I also have a semi-modern Pfaff – but it’s not digital in any way.  This was a trusty machine when I first learned how to sew. 

Oh and I have a brother serger that is in constant use.

What type of knitting needles do you use?

I love my circular metal knitting needles, to be sure.  I’ve used many brands over the years and often use Addi, Chiaogoo, or Karbonz.  There are many needles for many purposes – and I will say, use whatever is comfortable for you.

What are your most used sewing tools?

I’m a strong proponent of having a good iron.  I think I iron my garments during the sewing process more than I use the actual sewing machine itself. 

Runners up to this are my chaco pen to mark my fabrics and my clear gridded ruler.  I have two of each of these in different colors depending on the shade of fabric I’m working with.

What are your favorite fabrics?

I’m a sucker for wool, silk, and rayon fabrics – and blends of these are even better.  I love natural fibers and feel the best in them, not to mention they make for timeless garments. 

You’ll often hear me gushing about wool crepe, (any ply) of silk crepe, rayon voiles or challis, and linen-rayon blends. 

Do you have a favorite yarn type or brand?

Anything with wool??  lol  

I don’t have a favorite yarn, and oftentimes the current yarn I’m using to knit with is my new favorite.  

Technical Questions:

Can I use a picture or post one of your free patterns On my own site or Social Media?

I’m happy that you love something from my site enough to want to share it with others.  I ask that you link back to my original post and provide me with the attribution.  If you wish to use more than one image, please request permission via my contact me page. 

Are there any rules on leaving comments?

I appreciate and value all individuals and seek to make zilredloh a positive, inclusive site with no judgments.  I value constructive criticism; we’re all here to grow and learn, myself included.  But I will not tolerate hate speech, name calling, or abusive comments. My guide is: if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it in a comment.