Annual Christmas Knitting

It seems that every year when December rolls around I’ve forgotten that I should have been knitting up everyone’s Christmas gifts since October.  This past year was no exception.

In an effort to avoid to what my husband refers to as the Liz-Crash of 2009, I decided to keep my diy list very short: two babies and 1 close friend.

I always like to make a handmade Christmas gift for any of new babies that arrived in 2010.  My sister, Patricia had a little boy (Sebastian) as did my close friend Lisa (Cameron).  Being about the same age, I decided that they would both like a toy stuffed dinosaur.  Since I started knitting in 2009, Ravelry, has been my to-go place for patterns, among its other useful features.  So I ended up buying a little dino pattern from KnittyNight Owl aka Mari.  I usually don’t like paying for patterns, but the holiday rush set in and I was compelled to use a pay pattern due to the cuteness.

Here I am at my dad’s for an early Christmas in Atlanta starting in on the dino tail.  (And yes, I’m starting one of the dinosaurs 1 week before Christmas).

I didn’t even notice before but I’m wearing my Burda Karen Cardigan in a double knit fabric.

The dinosaurs were getting restless in the car ride down to Indianapolis so they hopped out for a bit at the rest stop.

The one in front is especially restless since he doesn’t have his back legs on yet.

And here’s the finished brontosaurus.  He’s very green…  I later added a smile on him with some grey yarn.

As with all the knitting I do for kids/babies, I make sure I use yarn that’s machine washable.

The other Christmas gift I made was the Incognito mustache cowl/neck-warmer from knitty for a close friend of ours.

It doesn’t get much better than this, and a free pattern to boot.  The mustache part was done in double knit, which I don’t really care for.  If I make this again, I’ll be knitting it Intarsia-style for the mustache area.  I think it ultimately makes for a neater look on the inside.

As always, I wish I had made more time to make more gifts for people.  So little time…. so many projects.  But that’s life I guess  :)

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