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Posts from the ‘Miscellaneous’ Category

  • NYE2010_06
    Sweet Baxter, Rest in Peace Posted on June 28, 2013

    This is probably the hardest posts I’m having to write… My lovely, sweet bunny Baxter has passed away early Thursday morning. Baxter was my first (single gal) pet and she’s been with me for the past 9 and a half years.  She’s become such a wonderful part of my life and it was a joy… Read More »

  • Logan 1
    Adventures in House Hunting Posted on June 4, 2013

    Hey guys… You may have noticed that my blog has been a bit quieter as of late and there’s a good reason.  Felix and I are officially house hunting, or shall I say home hunting.  We’re looking for a place to call our very own in the city. I’ve been living in the city for… Read More »

  • lizMichiganTripDay1_16
    Birthday Weekend Recap Posted on May 1, 2013

    Well… I’m officially back to the real world after having a lovely weekend getaway.  I don’t think I’m 100% refreshed yet, but it was a great start to the summer and I had lots of fun. Thank you guys for all of your well wishes!  I count myself lucky to have so many lovely blog… Read More »

  • Serger Lint
    Serger Fuzz & Maintenance Posted on March 14, 2013

    Today’s post is all about my serger fuzz.  Exciting right?! So I know I should know better by now, but I’ve never cleaned out the fuzz in my serger… like ever.  (We’re talking like 2 years here peeps!) When I first started using it, for some reason I thought it was a self-sustaining machine.  I… Read More »

  • Mouse Basket Purse
    Christmas Spoilings Posted on January 29, 2013

    I’m a bit behind on things that happened in late 2012 after being sick and then going on vacation, but here we are.  I got some incredibly lovely things for Christmas and I just have to share them with you peeps. Christmas gift-giving this year was kept to a minimum.  I primarily purchased gifts for… Read More »

  • Threads Giveaway Winner Posted on January 28, 2013

    First of all, thank you guys so much for entering my bloggiversary giveaway.  It was really amazing to see how many of you have been following me for so long.  It was also funny to read that the vast majority didn’t know how you happened upon my blog, zilredloh.  heh  I can’t say it’s terribly… Read More »

  • Don’t Forget… Posted on January 25, 2013

    Hey guys!  If you may have missed my post from Monday, I’m giving away a year’s subscription for Treads Magazine for my 2-year bloggiversary. Random FYI:  I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by threads, I just think its a great sewing magazine for learning new tips, tricks, and techniques. To participate in the… Read More »

  • Happy Bloggiversary to Meeeee Posted on January 21, 2013

    It seems that several folks on the interwebs have their bloggiversaries in January (which isn’t surprising in the least). But it’s strange to think that I’ve been blogging for 2 years now!  I was very hesitant to start one up in the first place, but my dear husband Felix was the greatest motivator to get… Read More »

  • IMG_1097
    Caribbean Cruise: Part 3 Posted on January 17, 2013

    Okay…. I swear this is the last post about my cruise since I fear I’m bordering on making you all jealous.  Heck, I’m even jealous of me since I wish I were back there right now sitting in the warm sun.  heh Day 5 on the cruise was another big day, this time we made… Read More »

  • Hato Caves 2
    Caribean Cruise: Part 2 Posted on January 16, 2013

    I’m back once again today with more cruise photos for you all. On day 4 we landed in Curaçao (home of the blue liqueur) but instead of arriving at 10am as originally planned, the weather kept us from port until 4pm.  At that point all of the excursions we had booked were canceled due to the… Read More »