Insides of my Scalloped Skirt

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for all of your sweet comments yesterday. You really blew me away with your enthusiasm and praise of my skirt!   :) You guys rock!

Also, one of two of you expressed an interest to see the insides of my pink scalloped skirt.

So here you go….

I put the right side just above the wrong side of the skirt so you can see both sides at once.  (Sorry it’s all wrinkly and poofy, I wore it yesterday and didn’t press it afterwards.)

So on the wrong side, from the bottom up what you’re seeing is:

  • line of white topstitching on the white scallops (sorry this is hard to see)
  • line of pink topstitching that is on the pink scallops.  This is how I attached the bottom row of the white scallops.
  • serged line that is from the facing on the white scallops
  • serged line that is from the right side of the white scallops along with the facing to the pink scallops.  I serged both of these together to make it more seamless at the bottom
  • Then you see my hand catch-stitches that are invisible from the right side of the skirt, affixing the serged edges to the skirt.

I grabbed these images from my last post, but I think it ties in all of my steps that I did quite nicely.

This is the pink facing pinned to the shell, right sides together.  On the pink facing I marked my stitching lines in yellow chalk.  (You can see it if you squint really hard.)  So once you sew the facing to the shell, you trim away the excess fabric at the bottom and do lots of notching and clipping.


While I think it’s really important to be as precise as possible with your stitching, one thing I will say is that if you have little mistakes here and there on your scallops, they may be able to be fixed during the ironing/pressing phase. 

This is the pink shell, after I stitched the facing to create the first row of scallops.  You can see I didn’t put the waistband on yet too.

The white piece you’re seeing below is actually just the white scalloped facing piece.  I sewed this facing onto a long rectangle (as wide as the bottom hem of the skirt) and it was about 10 inches tall.  I did end up trimming it down and serging it to the pink scalloped facing, but I wanted to make sure I had enough height, just in case.

Since I made this skirt hem by deviating from the directions and pattern, I had to think for a while how this was all going to come together, like I had visualized it in my head.  Initially, I only had planned to top stitch the white to the pink and call it ‘a day, but the white scallops ended up looking unfinished next to the pink, so that’s why I also gave them an edge of top stitching.

I still can’t think of any other way that I would put this all together (maybe without using a facing to make the scallops?)  But I’m also really interrested to know if any of you guys have any alternate ideas on how you would make this up differently.  So if you do, please leave them in the comments.

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