Anthropologie’s Wedding Shop BHLDN = Swoon

It seems that the whole internet has been in a flutter over Anthropologie’s new wedding line called BHLDN(beholden).  I hate to be one of the masses, but in this case these dresses are too swoon-worthy to not be re-posted and shared with you.  I wish I could get married again just to wear these dresses.  So if you’ll indulge me, I must(!!!) share these beauties with you. 

To start things off, I have picked two wedding dresses that are undoubtedly at the top of my list. 


I can’t imagine how long it took for someone to sew on all of these ribbon-pleats on this dress.  I love how sculptural and defined it looks while remaining feminine.

My other favorite wedding dress is the tulle era dress.  Everything about this dress is wonderful (except maybe the color which would look horrible on me).

The scallops at the hem are so perfect combined with the delicate appliqued flowers.  While this dress is fancy enough to be a bridal gown, I feel like you could wear this to a black tie event and fit right in as a non-bride.  Could you imagine having a black cumberbund along with black buttons (and possibly with black hem lines and/or black flowers mixed in)?

And the back view is equally wonderful:

The buttons!  Ohhh the buttons!  Not only are they down the back, but they’re down the back of the sleeves.  I have to stop looking at this dress because I want it.  heh 

While these dresses are fab there’s no chance that I’ll ever get to wear something so formal, which is why I love that BHLDN also has some ‘regular’ dresses available.  I’m sure they’re meant to be for bridesmaids and/or the casual bride.  But I feel that some of these would fit right in with regular antho (except the price).

First case in point:


The black lace on the bodice and the extra detail at the waist is beautiful.  I have no idea how they did this bodice.  I wish they had these dresses in the store so I could go and examine it.

And they’ve utilized the lace-scallop hem in the most unique way for the back:

With the exception of the bodice, I feel this would be a relatively easy technique to apply to a simple A-line skirt, don’t you think?

The little pink/red number below is called savoy.  Its so flirty and feminine; it would have made a perfect Valentine’s day dress.

And for something a bit different, this is the revival party dress.  I’m not sure how this dress made it’s way to the BHLDN site but its darling, don’t you think?!  I guess it would make the perfect ‘get-away dress’…. but that’s a stretch.  I personally think it belongs on the regular anthropologie site.

And last, but not least… presenting the best shoes in the world!

I remember seeing these shoes years ago, when I was getting ready for my own wedding.  I was saddened then because they didn’t come in my size, and now… they still don’t.  :(  They’re taunting me by their perfectness.  Being 4’11”, I’m quite the shorty and only have size 4 feet.  (Yes, this is a valid woman’s size and yes I can and do wear kid’s shoes size 2.5).  hehehe

Oh well…  I can’t afford them anyhow ($350 a pop).  But aren’t they perfection?!

*Sigh*  I think I’ve done enough swooning and oogling at these dresses for one day.  And I hope you enjoy the eye-candy as much as I do.

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