Eye Candy and A Bit of Radio Silence

Hey guys!  Sorry for being so quiet this week on zilredloh.  I’ve been knitting up a storm, and when I’m not knitting I’m working late at my day job.

During my hunt for images to include on my inspiration board for this fall, I came to realize I’ve been lacking a central source to house my images.  Some of them are on my flash drive, some on my laptop, others on my desktop, and even more are on my flickr favorites and I also have lots saved as ‘starred’ items within my google rss reader account.  So I decided to create an account with pinterest to keep them all housed in one location. 

So with the little free-time I’ve had between work and knitting, I’ve been adding pictures in my pinterest account for my fall inspiration and project board.  I’m still far from done, but I have some of my favorites added into pinterest and also found some new images from other users.

I don’t want to share the same images that will most likley be on my fall inspiration board, so here are a few other modern gems I’ve found that I came across that I think are lovely. 

THE hot pink, open back dress:

Original image attributed to From Me to You.

Isn’t this dress so lush and pretty?!  I could see taking a basic shirt dress pattern, making it a maxi, and then cutting out the back to recreate this look.  The hot pink is wonderful, but I could see this in a whole assortment of candy colors like grass-green, sunny-yellow, bright-orange, or an electric-blue (all in a matte satin or shantung of course). 

I think this white dress is the most perfectly simple, feminine dress I’ve seen in a while:

I’m pretty certain it’s a wedding dress, but I’m a big fan of bookmarking these wedding images for later in order to recreate a new, non-weddingy version.  I could see creating this dress again with a basic boatneck dress and full skirt in chiffon,  but using a bold color or pattern and it goes from wedding to fancy-date-night.

This dress is actually on sale for $179 here.  It’s taking lots of self-restraint not to splurge on this just so I can try it on and swish about my apartment.  (It does come in a non-wedding pink color too…)

I wish I had the whole dress image to this orange beauty…

I’m all about the bows.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to create some detachable cuffs with a simple white bow that you could attach to a multitude of blouses or dresses to recreate this look?!

Original image is located somewhere on Isaac Mizrahi’s site, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m eagerly anticipating Gertie’s Smocking Stitch-Along post that is to arrive soon on Melanie Falick’s site promoting the Stitch Magic Book that would give me some idea of how this little blush dress is created.  (Is it just me or are you also itching to buy the Stitch Magic book after seeing all Gertie’s swatches?!

I’m going to have to hunt on the Bottega Ventra site to see what the front of this dress looks like.  Doesn’t this dress look like it would float around like a dream?!  If I didn’t know better I would have thought this dress was coming straight from the 50’s from the styling and lighting of it.

Originally posted on Duskjacket Attic’s blog.

Last but not least…. a little sweater dress with more bows.

I have a hunch that bows will soon be characterized as “last season” but I don’t think I care; bows will always be “in-season” in my book. 

I’m not a fan of sweater dresses in themselves (unless I’m wearing some mega under-garments), but I saved this image to my favorites since I think this detail could be knitted into to basic sweater or cardigan pattern.  Even if you’re not a knitter, you could applique a ribbon into a bow-shape onto a sweater or even at the top of a pencil skirt to achieve the same effect.

For sale at Shopbop, Milly Trompe l’Oeil Bow Sweater Dress.

In the past I felt like I have only shared images from anthropologie or images I’ve found at other blogs in the online-sewing-circle that many of us frequent.  So I really wanted to step out of the norm and post up some modern fashions (that have a bit of vintage flair) that I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

If you guys care to see the rest of the stuff I’ve found, feel free to visit my pinterest page.  There’s fashions from the 40’s to early 60’s in there as well as some modern (and anthro) details that I love. 

Ohh, and if you’re on pinterest yourself, feel free to let me know in the comments since I’d love to follow you all.

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