Fashion Predictions from the 1930’s

Felix found, and sent me a video he though I would like that came from one of his favorite sites boingboing

Peeps, it’s awsome!  It’s an old newsreel with fashion designers from the 30’s putting their spin on what a garment would like like in the future, year 2000.

 Take a look!!!

My favorite part is the narrator at 1:03 “Oooh Swish”.  I giggle every time I hear him saying that.

The womens fashions are wonderful, but what really strikes me is the fact that even though the designs are supposed to look futuristic, to me, they still look like designs from the 30’s.

The only design that seems ‘futuristic’ is the ‘gent’s onepiece outfit with the handy telephone.  They sure weren’t that far off on that one!

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