Project CPR: The Completed Vashion Sweater

Well peeps, today is now Monday morning which means it’s time to show off your Project CPR completions if you’ve participated during the weekend.

*Hip Hip Hooooray* for all of you project-completers out there!


Also, if you happened to use instagram or twitter for your photos, feel free to use that link to share with everyone as well.

So… Did you have fun?!

Perhaps “fun” isn’t quite the right word for it.  I mean if you were like me, you set the project aside for a reason and it most likely was because it started to become “not fun.”  But in any case, didn’t you feel relieved that you got it done?  :)  I know I did!

The Completed Vashon Sweater:

I started knitting the Vashon back in Fall of 2011.  (Yes… it seems like ages ago.)  It was part of my fall wardrobe plan and I completed it around January, if my memory serves me correctly.  I blocked it and began seaming it together but I wasn’t liking how my seaming looked and I set it aside temporarily.  I don’t believe I intended to set it aside for long, but somehow here we are in December of 2012.  But now it’s all done and I don’t have to think about it any more.  *Phew*

The seaming is much better this time around than when I started last year.  Last year I was using the mattress stitch to complete the seaming, but I took out what I had done previously and switched to the slip-stitch crochet method and it looks much nicer than before.

Just because I think it’s funny… this is the zoomed out image of me during my seaming session:

That’s right!  It’s me in curlers.  heh  I was setting my hair for a Christmas party later in the evening  (more on that later).

The fit is actually a bit off though.  ha!  All that work and it’s not 100%.  :)  The shoulders are actually a bit too wide-set for my frame so it has a slight dropped-shoulder look.  And there’s not as much negative ease in this sweater as I would have liked.  But really, it’s not too bad and it won’t stop me from wearing it out and about.

(This is my hair a full day after setting the curls & after sleeping on them all night long.)

Project CPR in Retrospect:

I believe I’ve used twitter more this weekend than I ever have since I first created an account.  For me, it was the perfect venue for shouting out my progress in small snippets and to keep myself on task.

I, apparently, can’t gauge my sewing time very accurately.  Projects I think should only take an hour take me at least 2 hours.  heh  Felix has called me out on my bad time-estimations in the past (often) and this was one time were it became quite apparent to me.

I thought I could seam the Vashon sweater in 1 hour and I think it took me about 1.5 or 2 hours; it took from beginning to end of a White Christmas, is all I know.  After beginning the seaming, there was no way I was going to stop in one hour since I was so motivated to finish by then.

I was also very motivated to start in on a second Project CPR project, my plaid dress alterations the following day on Sunday.  I started around 1 or 2pm with picking the bodice from the skirt piece and making some alterations.  But again, 2 hours later I noticed that the sun was starting to go down and I was only about 1/2 way done with the dress.

I had to cut my losses at this point so that I could go throw on some makeup and my completed Vashon so that I could take some outdoor photos for you all.  (Indoor lighting doesn’t do the sweater any justice.)  Once I got back inside and settled, I felt like I needed to work on my fancy cruise dress (muslin #2) instead of continuing with my plaid dress.

So while I only was able to complete one project, I feel like I did a good job.  I completed one project, got started on the second, while still being able to continue my normal weekend routine.

Project CPR has me VERY conscious of the projects I’m currently working on.  I don’t want to continue my bad habits (of non-completion) and it’s pushed me to forge ahead so that items get worked on from start to finish, no matter how much I dislike doing a particular task.

How did you guys fair this weekend?  Did anyone push themselves longer than an hour like I did?  And how did you guys feel before vs. afterwards?

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  1. I love the way your hair looks hair, it is just gorgeous! I wish I could get my hair to look just like that. Yay for you with finishing up your sweater from fall of 2011, I just finished my sweater from fall of 2011 as well! Even though you aren’t 100% happy with the sweater, I think it looks great. It’s a true wardrobe staple and pairs really well with your maroon skirt.

    1. Liz December 11, 2012 — 7:47 PM

      Thanks Annabelle. Wet curls don’t work for your hair? I actually can’t get hot curling irons to hold any kind of curl in my hair for very long.

  2. Sarah December 10, 2012 — 8:47 AM

    What a beautiful sweater! I don’t notice any fit issues and think it is very flattering on you. Your hair looks fabulous! I have been letting mine grow while deciding what to do with it – I miss my pixie cut, though!

    1. Liz December 11, 2012 — 7:49 PM

      Yeah…. I always used to have short hair like you do. Very pixie like. But now that I committed to having it longer I remember how long it took it to grow in the first place and I don’t want to go too short. Pinterest is an excellent source for hair inspiration images if you’re debating longer vs short.

  3. Anthea December 10, 2012 — 8:49 AM

    I love your hair! Nice sweater. I really likd your CPR project and hopefully there will be another one soon. Onfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to participate yesterday.

    1. Liz December 11, 2012 — 7:50 PM

      No worries Anthea. I hope to host another Project CPR next year. But I hope you still participate in your own time since its an excellent way to get some old stuff done. :)

  4. Tasha December 10, 2012 — 8:55 AM

    It looks gorgeous on you! The color is amazing and looks like it’ll go with anything! It’s awesome with that plum pencil skirt. You are far too harsh of a critic, there is nothing wrong with the fit at all. lol Think of it this way, if it fit with less ease the cables would start to get stretched funny anyway. ;) I love the pattern and it’s tempting me to re-do the cabled pullover I’ve started twice and just can’t seem to get going on. Seaming does seem to take way longer than you think, I know I -always- underestimate how long it will take me.

    I was a big fail on my project this weekend. I didn’t want to work in the basement yesterday on any sewing yesterday so instead I finished up a pair of ankle socks I could lounge on the sofa and knit, lol. But I only started them a couple of weeks ago (to wear hidden in 40s style boots for winter), so I couldn’t include them. I hope you do this again though, I love the idea!

    1. Tasha December 10, 2012 — 8:58 AM

      p.s. I know I told you how fab your hair looks in person, but I forgot to mention I love the wave you’re getting at the side :)

    2. Liz December 11, 2012 — 7:52 PM

      Thanks Tasha! No worries about Project CPR; knitting on your cozy couch is a good excuse to me. :)

  5. Lili December 10, 2012 — 9:14 AM

    Oh well done you. I love the color!

  6. K-Line December 10, 2012 — 9:29 AM

    Seriously, this is beautiful! The colour couldn’t suit you better and you work that vintage look so honestly. I know it’s slightly wide – I loathe it when that happens to me – but really, it looks deliberate and sassy. This project manages to be warm and cozy and sexy at the same time. Well done!

    1. Liz December 11, 2012 — 7:53 PM

      Yay! I love you Kristen, you’re so sweet. This is my first time making a yellowish item. Any pale yellows and I look like I died, but it’s great I can still wear a mustardy yellow. :)

  7. Rox December 10, 2012 — 9:51 AM

    Love the sweater, but I LOVE your hair!!!

  8. Karin December 10, 2012 — 11:49 AM

    I agree with other commentors, the colour suits you beautifully. It really sets off your blond hair and creamy skin. Gorgeous! Also, your hair looks fab, fab, fab!

  9. Qui December 10, 2012 — 12:19 PM

    Your sweater looks fantastic, especially paired with the burgundy skirt. But it’s your hair that I LOVE! It looks so cute, well styled, and just like the inspiration photos.

  10. Lauren December 10, 2012 — 12:25 PM

    seriously gorgeous sweater! I can’t wait about the hair! I hope you do a tutorial! :)

  11. Michelle December 10, 2012 — 1:21 PM

    OMG Your hair looks completely darling! And, your sweater turned out beautifully. I’m terrible at projecting the amount of time a project will take. My time management skills really could use some work.

  12. Just beautiful! Your hair is so cute and I really like the jumper too! Definitely worth the effort!

  13. paisleyapron December 10, 2012 — 3:24 PM

    Gorgeous look. I love your hair and the sweater is so becoming on you! Isn’t it a relief to finish things? I ended up staying up late every night this weekend to finish paperwork so I can sew this week with abandon and without guilt. Cheers!

  14. Kat December 10, 2012 — 3:33 PM

    Gorgeous sweater! It looks lovely on you. And I love your hair too. I need to learn how to curl my hair properly. I’m not very good at it.

  15. I finished a quilt that my grandmother had started! It’s being given to my Mom for a Christmas present, so no photos yet, but I am SO EXCITED to get that huge quilt top out of my closet. Holla.

    I love your sweater, and I’m so glad you finished it! The color is perfect for Autumn/Winter/whatever this mess is that we are in and I love the skirt you’ve paired it with. This CPR challenge is pretty wonderful for motivating me to do things – perhaps I will need to keep at this through 2013!

  16. Liz December 10, 2012 — 9:52 PM

    I love this jumper and Tasha is right, much smaller and the cables would strain weirdly. The colour is great on you too.
    I have finished a couple of CPR items as blogged yesterday, and hope to do a couple more this weekend. Somewhere in the middle I want to finish knitting my cowl and need to start my Xmas dress!!

  17. Molly December 11, 2012 — 1:24 PM

    Your hair and sweater are both gorgeous! I really consider sewing to be a weird time machine. I am usually pretty good at gauging how much time it will take me to do something, or how long i have been working on something. This is not the case with sewing. I will be sure that I’ve been working on something for NO MORE than 20 minutes, but really an hour (or more!) has passed. I guess it is a good sign that I get so caught up in what I’m working on…and time flies when you’re having fun, right?

  18. Ginger December 12, 2012 — 10:44 AM

    The sweater is gorgeous! It’s such a unique color! I actually like the fit on you– it looks really nice, especially with that skirt.

  19. Jo December 16, 2012 — 3:43 AM

    Oh I really like this sweater on you! It’s just so lovely and detailed. I didn’t even notice any fit issues at all. :)
    I have never used the slip stitch crochet method of seaming, being a beginner. Sounds interesting!

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