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December 3

Project CPR

Sometimes, an hour is all it takes.

The idea of Project CPR originated on Sunday morning during breakfast while I was complaining relaying to my husband that I have so many project to do but never seem to have enough time/motivation/grit.  Some of these projects have yet to be started, like some of my cruise-wear, others I’m actively working on, and *I shudder to relay to you* that the bulk of my projects are languishing on chairs or in boxes, just waiting for that final step to complete.

I have dresses that need zippers installed, hems that need to be hemmed, knitting projects that need to be seamed-up, minor alterations to undertake on store bought clothing, and even simply buttons that need to be replaced.  The bulk of my projects only need 1-2 hours to be completed yet they remain hibernating, waiting for me to revitalize them.

What keeps me from finishing these projects is…… myself.  I’m continuously moving forward, not backwards, and the projects that get put on hold remain so until I get some *extra* motivation to do so.  And let me be the first to tell you this doesn’t happen all that often, hence the number of items that need some CPR.

The items below are some, but not all, of the projects of mine that are in some state of progress.

How Project CPR Works:

You find that one project that has been sitting for far to long and devote one hour to completing it.

Sound simple?  It is simple!  Just one hour is all it takes.  :)

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re going to be getting wrapped up in the next office party, what has to be baked or cooked, who’s going to which parent’s house & during which days, which gift to give whom, etc.  Our time is going to get sucked up into the happy-holiday-vortex and we’ll end up setting aside whatever it was that we were doing.  This is why all I’m asking for is an hour of your time, and you get so much back in return.

Instead of continuing to feel guilty with not doing that one-last-step on your project, you get to feel any of the following:

  • Happiness
  • Relief
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Content
  • Powerful

And as an added bonus, you’ll be in a better state of mind to tackle the next challenge that gets thrown your way.  Creating things always puts me in a zen-state and I always feel better afterwards.  And I bet you’ll even want to tackle the next unfinished project on your list now that you’re on a roll.

So why not take an hour, just for yourself, to work on one item in your stash that you’ve been wanting to address and finish it?!


What’s even better than all of that: The older the project the better!

What’s great about tackling an old project is the sheer amount of time that it has been sitting.  I bet you were frustrated when you set it aside or it just wasn’t turning out how you wanted it to.  Chances are you have some new knowledge and experience under your belt after all this time that you could finish it superbly if you looked at it again.

Don’t forget to visit the Project CPR Page to get the full scoop on how to participate & share, along with buttons for your blogs.

Let’s get some grit girls and do it: Project CPR.

  1. Evie / Dec 3 2012

    I like this…I have two pairs of little jeans on the sewing table that I squint at every time I enter the room. Maybe I’ll need a couple of 1 hour sessions, but that somehow seems less onerous! Then I can hit the party dress my little one needs too! Hopefully this will save my sanity…fingers crossed. And good luck with your projects.

  2. Michelle / Dec 3 2012

    I need to to this. I’m just not ready to admit I have a problem yet. Ugh. Dealing with the number of unfinished projects I have floating around the house is just too depressing for me to come to terms with… maybe after the holidays.

    • Liz / Dec 3 2012

      Hey Michelle! This is why you are perfect for Project CPR! :) I feel terribly guilty with my ever growing stack of to-dos, which is why I’m challenging myself to just do one so that I can feel better about myself & my projects.

      You know you want to cross something off your list. heh

  3. Meg the Grand / Dec 3 2012

    OMG count me in!! My closet is overflowing with things that just need to be finished already.

    • Liz / Dec 3 2012

      *YAY* I’ll be posting on twitter when I do my project on Saturday. Hope to see you on the net too. :)

  4. Tasha / Dec 3 2012

    This is a fun idea! I definitely have a few things that qualify for this, I am terrible about leaving things sitting around to be hemmed, fixed, whatever. Though to my credit I’ve fixed 2 things like this recently, yahoo. I’ll try and see what I can come up with to work on for an hour on Sunday!

    • Liz / Dec 3 2012

      I’m dedicating one hour on Saturday and I’m crossing my fingers that my momentum will entice me to spend another hour on Sunday. :)

  5. meredith / Dec 3 2012

    Yes! THis is so necessary… I think if I could force myself to slow down and go back to the old things instead of pushing forward, I’d have 5 new sweaters in a few hours! Ugh… how disgraceful

    • Liz / Dec 3 2012

      *YAY* I always want to start new projects instead of finishing the old ones… new is so much more exciting and fresh. heh But I’d have a lot more clothes if I finished the old ones.

      You could have 5 sweaters finished in a few hours?! That would be amazing.

      • meredith / Dec 3 2012

        Apparently I really hate seaming, knitting button-bands & collars, sewing buttons, and weaving in ends…. so basically, all that is necessary to end up with a finished knit garment! haha. (At least I like swatching?) I think I put all this off because I’m not good at it– it *should* take a few hours, but I’d probably have to knit/rip/re-knit, seam/rip-out/seam-again, etc. Much easier to pretend that I will magically acquire these skills someday than to face the pile of unfinished knits! :)

        I don’t love hemming sewn skirts/dresses either, but I seem a little more able to force myself to do it, because at least I know I can do it right.

  6. Liz / Dec 3 2012

    Great idea – can I put mending items on the CPR list? I have several items that just need either fixing in some way or altering to fit. These count right? They are languishing in a pile in my sewing room and I just keep pushing them aside.

    • Liz / Dec 3 2012

      You can do whatever you want Liz! If you have mending that’s a great use of the hour; all languishing projects count. :)

  7. Ginger / Dec 5 2012

    What a great idea! It’s horrible the way that unfinished projects pile up (especially ones that only need a quick fix)!

  8. dixie / Dec 7 2012

    i desperately need motivation to finish little details or fitting corrections! thanks for starting this project, i think i can find an hour a week somewhere ;)

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