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Project CPR 2012

Sometimes, an hour is all it takes.

What is Project CPR all about?

With December here, I found myself thinking about all the projects I’ve worked on this year.  I thought about the ones I finished, the ones I haven’t… and the ones that I almost got done, but aren’t quite there yet.

And then I realized: I’ve got a lot of projects that are close to being done!  For a lot of them, all I would need is an hour and I’d be finished! But for whatever reason, I just never gave it that final *push* to get done.

Project CPR is all about those projects that are almost there – the ones that only need an hour to complete.  Think of this as your free pass to focus on yourself and as a way of getting one more project done, before the year ends (and the holidays arrive).  All you need is an hour!

How to share your awesome & completed projects:

  • Share your finished project on Twitter (#projectCPR) and/or the project’s Flickr group!
  • Write a blog post about your project
  • Post all of your links below so we can see your wonderful, completed projects.


For those of you who have happened upon this page but didn’t participate, these were the “rules”:

  • Pick a project that only needs an hour (or less) of work to complete.
  • Finish your project any time on Saturday (12/8) or Sunday (12/9).
  • Take a photo before and after!

Easy right?!  Hope you’re able to join in next year.  But I also hope this inspires you to work on some of your old projects and revel in their glorious finished-ness.  :)

  1. Annabelle / Dec 10 2012

    Like Liz, I just finished a sweater that I started knitting in Fall of 2011! It was put aside when I made a mistake in the lace pattern – and I hate unknitting. So glad to have finished it up now. You can see it on my blog post: Cheeky As You Please!.

    • Liz / Dec 10 2012

      Your sweater is delightful! I left you a comment on your site, but I have to say what a great Finished Project this is. I’m envious that you can take such great indoor photos; they look just as good as if you were outside. :)

      • Annabelle / Dec 10 2012

        Those photos were a select few of many! I tried taking pictures all over the house. There were a bunch that I was really hoping would turn out and they didn’t. I got lucky with a few good ones though.

  2. Liz / Dec 10 2012

    Here are my completed projects from the weekend Two down, and I am not counting how many are left!! But I am also motivated by the fact that once they are done, that is more space to store fabric hehe

  3. Sara / Mar 22 2013

    SO late to the party on this one, but your Project CPR inspired me to take out a handful of dresses and fix them up — took out ugly/unnecessary skirt linings, finished frayed seams, even re-did a hook and eye I did a bad job on! They look SO much nicer and more finished now…and I’m going to use this experience as a reminder to not rush through things in the future. I hope you do this again next year…but maybe you won’t have to! ;-)

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