Greta Turban-WIP

After knitting during the multitude of trips I’ve been on in the past weeks, I never seem to be without a knitting project in hand for my daily commute.  It feels nice to get back to my old habit, even though it means I’m the crazy lady knitting in 90-degree weather.  heh

While I’ve had to postpone work on my Aqua Waves Jumper (I need another size 2 needle and haven’t gotten around to buying one yet), I decided to pick up an old, hibernating project: The Greta Turban/Snood by Susan Crawford.

Image Source: Knit on The Net

I bought the Greta Turban kit last October at the same time that I bought Vol. 2 of A Stitch in Time.  I cast on for it and got 6 rows in when I put it away for some unknown reason.

Picking it up again quickly reminded me!  I had no idea how to do the stitch pattern of (K1,M1,K1) in 1 stitch.  This to me makes no sense what so ever!  You knitting guys know that to do a M1 stitch, you pick up the bar in between the current and the next stitch.  So doing this all in 1 stitch just didn’t make sense.

I put a question in a Ravelry forum but didn’t hear back quickly enough (I ran out of patience) and just did K1F, K1B, and K1F in the same stitch.

But I kept plugging away for a while, and got to thinking… this looks a bit too wide for a turban.  I then did a bunch of decrease stitches, and this was the result:

Yeah…. it’s as wide as my keyboard even after I did the decrease stitches!  Craziness!

I referenced the Ravelry forums once again and found that 2 other people had a width of 34 and 36 cm, respectively.  Mine was around 45cm’s after the decreases and well over 50 cm’s at the lower cast on edge.

It’s soo huge!!!  I remember thinking that at the outset, but I just kept knitting, rationalizing the size issue away.  heh  It honestly didn’t sink in how wide it was until I saw it next to my keyboard.

It was painful, but I frogged it and started over like a good knitter.

What’s actually pretty great is that I heard back from Susan in the Ravelry forum and she described how to do the crazy *(K1, M1, K1) in 1 stitch* portion of the directions.  Instead of picking up the bar in the next stitch, you simply pick it up knit wise, just below the current stitch you’re in.

Here’s the new detail shot of the stitch pattern:

It’s pretty similar to the (Knit Front, back and front), but this correct version has more holes, similar to an eyelet which I like better than what I did the first time around.

Sucky as it was to frog (ie rip out) all of my work from the past week, the *new* turban/snood will actually be wearable (which is always a good thing) and it’s now in the correct stitch pattern.  :)  Yay!

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