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I’d never really heard about this lovely sewing machine until last summer.  It was about 1 week after I had passed one up at my local flea market and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.  I’ve seen them pop up on several blogs from time to time, but most frequently on Male Pattern Boldness’ site.

I happened to be browsing around on Craigslist today (briefly) to see if there were any estate sales worth checking out over the weekend.  I don’t go on the site very often but whenever I do, I always type in the word “sewing” to see if anything good pops up along with checking for estate sales with sewing/crafting items.  I didn’t get very far with looking for estate sales because as soon as I knew it I had found a gorgeous featherweight and was texting the owner.

This is the text from the Craigslist posting:

Check this sewing machine out. It is in absolute PERFECT condition. I have never seen anything this old look, and work, this amazing. It comes with the original case, foot pedal, owners manual, and a whole compartment of extras. The only thing it needs is a new light bulb.

Honestly, this is the best Singer I’ve ever seen. It is a 9/10. You just have to check this out.

Scroll Face

Serial number AE-081.186

Included in the extras:
In box Singer Motor Lubricant
In box Singer Edge Stitchers
Some extra spools
A bunch of different foots
A lot more!

This post was put up at 4:12pm and I just happened to be checking only minutes afterwards!  What are the odds of that?!  I’d hesitated texting but by the time I did, the owner had already gotten some responses to come check it out.  As soon as I got off work I hightailed it before I’d even realized what was happening.

As I was driving to the owner’s place, I got more and more nervous about the meetup.  Being a small gal, traveling solo to some guy’s place for a sewing machine… a 1936 bright & shiny featherweight just seemed too good to be true.  Usually if it sounds too good in Chicago, it’s a trick.  All of my nervousness quickly subsided when I was happily greeting by a younger-than-myself chap who was selling the machine for his mother, at his mother’s house no less.

I got so caught up in the whirlwind of all things Featherweight that it wasn’t until I had it in my hot little hands, and then in the back seat of my car did I squeal with delight.  I’d only made it about a block away before I had to pull the car over and text the good news to my husband and then I promptly made a twitter post since I couldn’t contain myself.

Okay, I’ll quit gabbing and show you the goodies!

There’s a compartment in the very top filled with the good stuff: Feet, hem gauge, lint brushes & what-have-you.

On the right side of the compartment:

With lots of feet in the left side of the compartment.


Ta Da!

These pics are a bit dark, but its still soo pretty!

The prettiest part is the side:


I’d never handled a featherweight before, but I was really surprised at how heavy it is.  Both of my sewing machines (the Pfaff and the JCPenny) are metal machines and are full sized, but they aren’t nearly as heavy as the Singer is.

Are you ready for the silliness?!



And more hugs.

I’m in love with my cute little machine… my bunnies should be jealous.

Is it silly that I feel like I’m in a little featherweight club….Mind you I’m not even sure who else has one of these guys.  Do any of you guys have a featherweight?  :)

I’m sure more fun posts will follow all about featherweight care and sewing with this little guy.  *hip hip*

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