Week 1 Recap of Me Made May 2012

Hey everyone!  I’ve officially made it through the first week of Me-Made May.  :)

So far so good…  I feel like I lucked out of trying to figure out what to wear over the weekend.  Saturday I dressed up a bit for Meg’s Sewing Social and then Sunday it was a bit chilly here so I pulled out one of my thicker short-sleeved hand knits and wore it with some jean-like trousers.  Hopefully I can eek out a Renfrew top before too long.

Staying true to my own photo concept of taking photos along my path to work, these images are all taken on Logan Blvd (with the exception of the weekend where I was out and about).

If I previously blogged about an item, you can click on any of these images for more details (ie jump to the blog post when I first featured the item).  I also have all of my MMM items on my flickr page which also includes some details.

Day 1:

Un-blogged Judy Skirt via BurdaStyle.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Un-blogged basic skirt & my very 1st sewing garment ever!

Day 4 is a multi-purpose picture.  I’m standing outside a shop at the corner of my street, but most importantly it satisfies the photo-challenge posted on the MMM flickr site of ‘favorite food’.  I’m eating macarons….french macarons.  Sooo delicious!!!

I could eat these all day, and actually did when I was on my honeymoon in Paris.  My husband consented to go macaron shop-hopping all over town with me and got quite sick of them by the time we left Paris.  But longed for them when we got to Italy.  heh

Day 5:

Day 6:

Un-blogged hand-knit top, the pattern is on my ravelry page here.

Day 7:

I’ve remained very true to what I normally wear, day in and day out, to work.  The only day I didn’t feel quite like myself was Sunday (Day 6).  While I loved this knit when I made it, I feel like the outfit isn’t really “me” anymore.  It’s too modern and doesn’t match my current style.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of wearing “frosting” vs. “cake” like Tasia blogged about 2 weeks ago… and I’m not sure I 100% agree with what she said.  I see that there may be items that are deemed more practical and staples than others, but some of my most-worn items could kinda be construed as frosting and yet they get more wear than my “cake” items.  I know she’s talking about a piece than can be worn many different ways, but I can’t help but feel that something like my floral pencil skirt is frosting when I wear it like it’s a piece of cake.

Who’s to say what one person’s frosting is another person’s cake, ya know?!  I feel like we (Americans) continue to dress more and more casual wearing basics like jeans and T’s to work and even when we go out  dinner.  Yet we all lament not being able to dress to the 9’s with all of our fab hats and gloves.  It all feels a bit catch-22 to me.

That being said, I know I just complained at wanting a casual me-made T-shirt for the weekends.  heh  But inside-lounge clothes to me are different from work-wear; or at least they are to me until I find some cute vintage patterns that are as comfy as my yoga pants.

I do need some more casual & comfy, weekend-wear pieces that speak to my vintage-loving self.  I think my nautical-inspired jumper would be a hit….  Are there some other patterns you guys have seen and could recommend for a casual & vintage, weekend look?

And what do you guys thing about frosting vs. cake?  Agree-Disagree or are you somewhere in the grey like I seem to be?

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