Me Made May 2012: Monthly Recap

Me Made May 2012 was most certainly a challenge for me even though I still have several pieces that never got worn.  I tried not to wear the same garment twice, but there were a few pieces that got multiple use like my basic white violet blouse and my double-knit, charcoal skirt.  My violet blouse is a great staple being 1 of 2 of my white blouses, I can wear it to work or on the weekends and still be comfortable.  And my charcoal skirt was key for weekend comfort since I don’t have any me-made comfy pants.  (I like to sew & spend the evening in yoga pants if I know I’m not going out.)

I have more thoughts but I’ll refrain till the end of the post.  For now, here are my last three outfits for MMM.

Day 29:

On Tuesday, May 29th I wore my Jenny Pinafore; my first sew weekly project.  I’m clashing terribly with my red-orange top and my aqua purse.

Day 30:

This picture was taken right across the street where I work, which is right by the el tracks on Wabash.  You can just make out the brown steel beams holding up the tracks behind me.  (It was a bit windy and my hair was getting all fluffed about.  heh)

I made this dress last march, see here.  It doesn’t get a lot of frequent wear, but wearing it reminds me that I should make another summery version.  You may be surprised to know that it’s the same dress pattern as Day 8, New Look 6968, but I added on this full, pleated skirt from another pattern.

Day 31:

I’m soo happy I made it to the last day.  I was going to go all out and wear an entire me-made outfit, but I crapped out and didn’t find a good top to wear.  I’m wearing my tailored Lady Grey coat with my 40’s-esque navy wool skirt using BurdaStyle’s A-Plus A-Line pattern.

I’m standing at the State Street & Adams Intersection which is a few blocks from where I work.  Do you see the crazy colors happening on the sidewalk and lamp-post?  This is technically an art installation that was just put up and is the largest public art work the city has ever put up, it was done by Jessica Stockholder.  Read the full scoop here with more images.


I had fun taking pictures all throughout my morning commute for you all, but I’m glad that I’m all done.  I really don’t like being such a focus of attention day in and day out.  Once a week is okay for my newly finished projects, especially since I’m usually excited and can’t wait to share it with you all.  But posting and taking pictures every single day… it felt very vain at times.

Major Findings:

  • I have some serious gaps in my wardrobe.
    • I had a hunch that it was going to be tough at times, but MMM has made me very aware with what items I’m lacking in my wardrobe.
    • I need more blouses!  I’m not surprised that I have very few since I’ve only recently been grasping at how to make blouses fit my narrow shoulders and armscye.  But this is a major!!! gap in my closet.
    • Second major gap: Pants/trousers.  I literally have 1 pair of trousers that I’ve made.
  • Due to my sewing progress, I have no real summer items.
    • Even though I started sewing over a year ago, I didn’t really get rolling until late summer of last year.  I had the remains of summer to plan my fall wardrobe, and even all this year I have yet to make a really summery piece.  I really want to make a flirty, full-skirted floral sun dress sometime soon.
  • I have no weekend casual wear.
    • You probably already read about my trials with having nothing to wear, lounging around my house.  I’d like to try to make more casual wear, that is both vintage and comfy.  Thoughts?  Maybe I should just make some more pieces using knit fabrics.

Well… that’s pretty much it.  I’m really glad I participated in MMM.  Last September I remember wishing that I had tried to do Self-Stitched September, but just never felt like I had enough made.  At this point, even though I had enough pieces made its my wardrobe gaps that made it difficult to maintain over the weekends.

Cheers to all my fellow MMM participants!  :)

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