Week 4: Recap of Me Made May

I’m in for the final haul here on Me Made May.  I did better over this weekend than last with wearing comfortable me-made items.  I only missed taking a photograph for one day (Saturday), but I’m proud to say that I still wore a made item, only the photograph is missing.


Day 22:

I wore my “new” 1940s Embroidered Dress to work the day after I finished it.  The weather was just chilly enough to wear this wool crepe dress with lining, any warmer and I would have had to wait another 6 months to wear it once the weather gets chilly again.

In retrospect, I’m not sure how I feel pairing this dress with my navy blue & white heels.  I think I would have been better off with a solid black shoe.

Day 23:

The weather was quite warm so I looked in my closet for the lightest dress I’ve made: my silk, Spring Swing Dress was just the thing.  I made this last March in Casey’s Sew Along.  Can you believe I haven’t worn this since last spring?!  It’s not my most comfortable dress, but still…

Day 24:

This was another hot day (and I think all days following are hot days), and I scoured my closet for another cool outfit.  I made my skirt using Anna Maria Horner’s Study Hall Skirt pattern with an Echino fabric.  This skirt has never been blogged about, but you’re looking at my very first skirt that I made on my own (not in a class).  I still love it today as much as the first day I wore it just shy of 2 years ago.

Day 25:

This is a semi-unblogged skirt, the Linda Skirt.  I made this up last fall as part of my fall wardrobe plan and had never gotten out to take photos of it.  I actually always have to wear a belt with this skirt since the waistband got a bit stretched out and I haven’t made time to fix it yet.  But it’s a super comfy & basic skirt, perfect for both summer & winter months.

Day 26:

I wore my charcoal double-knit skirt once again with a plain t-shirt similar to day 18.

Day 27:

This is a dress I got at my local flea market that hasn’t made the blog yet.  I bought it thinking it was just fabric (or something I’d take apart to make something cute).  But when I got it home I realized the gem I found for $1.  I altered it very slightly and now it’s me-made-ish.  :)

Being another hot day, this 50’s house dress was the perfect thing to wear around my apartment.

Day 28:

Another warm day in Chicago, my 40’s linen skirt paired with my aqua double collar blouse.  The super white under-collar of my blouse clashes with the cream in my skirt… but for weekend wear I’m thinking it’s alright.  :)


All week, I pretty much have been pulling out my oldie yet goodies.  With only 3 days left, I’m going strong with my me-made items!  I just ran and checked… I have at least 7 garments that haven’t made an appearance and I’ve been consciously trying to not do any repeat outfits too!  Craziness.

I have more thoughts, but I’ll save them for my monthly wrap up in a few days time.

But guess who was an industrious sewing bee this weekend?!  Thaaaat’s right.  I’ve taken to my Quaker Oats polka dot dress again and am trying to wrap that sucker up.  Sooo close now I can almost taste it.  :)

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  1. Miriana May 29, 2012 — 2:05 PM

    You look really great in all the photos.

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 3:44 PM

      Thanks Miriana. As I was typing your name and sounding it out, it’s really pretty. :)

  2. Donna May 29, 2012 — 2:55 PM

    You look so cute in all of your outfits!

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 3:43 PM

      Thanks so much Donna. :)

  3. I love those Echino box pleats and that double collar blouse! You’ve got some mad skills :-)

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 3:43 PM

      Thanks so much Claire! That skirt is still one of my favorites. :)

  4. Jo May 29, 2012 — 5:12 PM

    Lol, I spend way too much time on sewing blogs soaking up everyone else’s awesome outfits and creativity, instead of making all the stuff I want to make! Your stuff is fab, you should be proud of how many great items you have sewn!
    p.s still swooning over your embroidered crepe dress! :)

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 10:57 PM

      Thanks so much Jo! I too spend a lot of time on blogs and pinterest. I don’t know what I did before pinterest!!!

  5. I am so glad you are getting back to the Quaker Oats dress, I was recently wondering about how that dress was coming along.

    I have to say the I love your 1950’s house dress – what a fun piece.

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 11:02 PM

      YES! It’s been sitting for too long. I’m trying to take back my sewing room from my UFO’s and complete them. :)

  6. In my head, I’m chanting: OMG, Echino skirt. OMG, Echino Skirt! OMGECHINOSKIRT! Living in Japan, Echino was in every store, and man, I wish I had bought more! I didn’t realise how quickly some of the prints sold out or were replaced with other seasonal prints here in North America. I have 2 pieces of the print you are wearing in the green colourway, and I’d never though of making a skirt. I love it.
    Now I’m going back to look at the rest of the pics, and see if I can clear the Echino chant out of my head! :P

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 10:59 PM

      heh Thanks Gillian. :) I totally agree with how quick the Echino fabric sells out. There was one scooter print that came out 2 years ago that I wish I bought. They have newer scooter prints out but its not quite the same as the original print.

      My skirt doesn’t have an official waistband but has a facing piece. I think it makes for a smoother waist finish in this thicker fabric.

  7. Qui May 29, 2012 — 8:53 PM

    I’m so impressed there are no repeats! That would be impossible for me. And you look lovely in every MMM outfit!! I was checking out the swing dress pattern recently, not so comfy?? It is really cute tho! I especially like the skirt with the birds–what a beautiful use of a border print. Way to go Liz!

    1. Liz May 29, 2012 — 11:01 PM

      Thanks Qui. I had a lot of issues with the swing dress: notches not lining up, confusing directions, etc. It’s a cute design but if I were you I’d just buy an actual 40’s pattern for less headaches. And yea… mine isn’t quite so comfy as I hoped so it doesn’t get worn as frequently as some of my other dresses.

  8. Tasha May 30, 2012 — 8:55 AM

    Love the Anna Maria Horner skirt! That is a real knock-out. Echino fabric is so awesome. And I think the 40s dress works nicely with the striped shoes. :)

    1. Liz May 30, 2012 — 4:16 PM

      Thanks Tasha! It took me at least 2 evenings to work out the pattern placement for the Echino skirt since I was quite a newbie. Pattern placement with the fabric was an entirely new concept when I made the skirt; it took foooorever for me to figure it out.

  9. Elise May 30, 2012 — 10:28 AM

    Love your gorgeous outfits, love how you manage to find styles that totally suit your shape but each looks different from the next :)

    1. Liz May 30, 2012 — 4:14 PM

      Heh Elsie… I sooo don’t pick patterns based on how a style suited for my shape! :) I probably should though. But thank you for thinking that my garments suit me!

      In general, I usually pick out & sew patterns primarily becuase I like them. I work hard making multiple muslins so that the fit is decent for my pear-shaped figure. I figure as long as I have a cinched waist (ie shapely) I can’t go wrong. :)

  10. Meg May 30, 2012 — 4:01 PM

    *gasp* your study hall skirt is AMAZING!!! Love that fabric – it looks perfect paired with this pattern! And of course your embroidered dress is my favorite thing you’ve ever made. It’s just so incredibly dreamy.

    1. Liz May 30, 2012 — 4:15 PM

      Thanks Meg! :)

  11. Brilliant! All of it is simply brilliant :) I especially love your use of Echino with the study hall skirt. And the V-dip on your 40’s linen skirt. Beautiful :)

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