Stitchcraft June 1957: Striped Boatneck Jumper

Hey peeps.  I wasn’t sure which of the striped boatneck jumpers you guys wanted, so I decided to scan in the second striped jumper from the June 1957 Stitchcraft magazine for today’s post.

It has buttons on both sides at the hem, as well as button detailing at the shoulders. The colors they used are: Light Navy, White, and Lipstick Red. The main, darker color is the navy, and the lipstick red stripes occur only at the bust area and the white is everywhere in between.

If I were making this up, I’m not sure I’d highlight that area so much with the red. But it’s no wonder that gentleman in the background is checking her out. heh I also bet she’s also wearing the same shade of lipstick as her jumper.

To claim your free striped boatneck jumper just click on the link below to download the pdf pattern:

Striped Boatneck Jumper

And as a refresher this is the one from last week:

I honestly can’t say which of the two I like better; they both have a similar look and are just really cute.

Don’t you just love free stuff?!  I’ve bought these magazines for myself because I’m head over heels for vintage patterns.  But I really feel like it would be selfish of me if I just put them on my bookshelves, where only I could enjoy them.  And it would be even more selfish if I only posted them up for profit.  I don’t loathe others who do, since I’ve bought some vintage pdf patterns on etsy myself.  But I guess you can say that I fall more into the public domain side of things, where to me, it would be a bigger shame if these patterns dropped of the radar entirely and no one got to see how great and fun they are.

I’ve actually taken a short break from knitting last week, but I’m casting on my pocket piece for the Briar Rose tonight so I have something to work on during my commute again.

And before I forget, here’s a picture of my wonky shoulder.

Isn’t it funny?!  How on earth did I do this?  heh

The long shoulder piece is in front and the shorter one is in the back.  The back piece is curling a bit, but basically there is about a 2 inch difference between the two.

Normally I’d be frustrated, but really, it’s just a shoulder and should be quite easy to fix.  I’m just not sure if the front is too long or the back is too short, or if it’s a mixture of both.  I just have to sit down and count out the rows, do some measuring, and compare it with the pattern instructions.  So I hope to be up and running again with the jumper, as soon as I finish my little pocket.

What’s difficult is that I’d normally work the sleeves next, but I can’t until I resolve the shoulder situation.  And I can’t work on the collar piece yet since it is also dependent on the shoulder situation.  Ahh well.  But in all honesty, I really don’t mind doing these little bits first since it makes the whole construction process go faster.

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