Stitchcraft June 1957: Striped Yolk Jumper

It feels so long since I’ve made a post…  But things are lookin’ up. *Weeeee*

I finished my cluster analysis for work, so all that’s left for me to do is to present it to folks.  (Eeeek!)

I actually managed to leave work on time yesterday, for the first time in weeks!  I was soo excited, that I even found some spare energy to do a bit of sewing!  It felt good to hear the hum of my machine again, but I think it actually needs to go in for it’s spring tune-up soon since it’s been sitting for so long.

Amongst other news, something bad happened to my Briar Rose Jumper (which I’ll be sharing with you all sometime later this week).  One shoulder is significantly longer than the other; it looks quite wonky.  heh  Oh well, it’s all about learning and taking mistakes in stride, yes?

I managed to get some more of my stitchcraft magazines scanned for you all by the wonderful folks at Kinko’s.  :)  Someone was asking for some of the summer jumpers that I first blogged about so without further ado, here is the newest installment of my free knitting patterns.

Striped Yolk Jumper

One thing I improved on over the last pdf I posted, is that I added in some rectangles to highlight the pattern directions.  One thing these vintage magazines do poorly is that they have you jumping all over the place for the directions, spanning 3-4 pages sometimes.  So I’ve drawn boxes around all of the pattern directions so you know exactly where on each page it picks up again.

I hope you all like this sweet little number.  And as always, leave your pattern requests in the comments section and I’ll try to post up something for everyone.

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