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Hello!  I’ve officially been back a full week now from my travels to France.  It seems an age since I was in France, yet I continue to struggle to get back to a ‘normal’ 9-5 life.


As you may have seen, I attempted to post pictures each day I was in France – and promptly fell off after the third day.  I had some technical issues with doing updates from abroad (loading issues with the large photo sizes) coupled with being entirely drained each evening from the days’ activities.

I have now been able to re-post up Days 1 through 3.  I have added in new text when relevant, as well as a better photo quality & size.  All three posts should load up properly for any of you who had issues viewing them (especially you smart phone followers).  Sorry for the troubles…

I no longer have days separated in part 1 and 2 – so these posts are very long.  :D  You’ve been warned.  heh

Day 1 in France: TissuMarket & Vagenende

Day 2 in France: Three Churches, Ultramod & Lil’Weasel

Day 3 in France: Excursion to Folleville and Amiens

I’ll be continuing to comb through my photos and write everything up from days 4 through 10, so do check back often.

Cheers, Liz.  :D

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