OMG! I’m on SewMamaSew

I have to repeat it to myself every minute or so because it doesn’t seem real….  I’m on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog!

While I’m not a feature on the blog, I’ve been referenced by the amazing Sarai of Colette Patterns.  So awesome, if I can say so myself.  I know Sarai is just a person, but from someone who learnt how to sew just 6 months ago and also learned to sew just so I could make the macaron dress, this is just so cool.  :)

I recieved an email on Sunday asking for my permission to use one of my flickr photos and it was for the sew, mama, sew blog.  They mentioned that it was in reference to my Lady Grey coat.  It comes as quite a surprise to me because I’ve posted my Lady Grey Coat images up on the Colette Flickr group and the Gertie Sew along Flickr Group, but never heard specifically from either of these great ladies.  So I just assumed I got lost in the mix since there were so many great Lady Grey babies after the recent sew-along.  So while I kinda knew that an image of mine was going to be used, I couldn’t think about it because I didn’t want to jinx it.

Sew, Mama, Sew is another great website that I visit often.  They have an online shop, tutorials, blog, and even forums.  While I haven’t bought anything from them I’ve done lots of browsing in the past since they have a lot of great fabrics and notions. 

Just check out these wonderful fabrics.  (I had to limit the number I posted up because they are all so beautiful and whimsical.)

This fabric is so amazingly art deco, it’s wonderful.  This would be perfect for a simple dress, depending on the size of the pattern on the fabric.  These would also make great couch pillows.

It doesn’t come as a surpirse that the next two fabrics I love are by Denyse Schmidt from her Greenfield Hill line.  I’m such a fan of her reproduction prints; I have two at home from the Hope Valley line and it takes my full effort to not buy more.

This blue strip/dot print is begging to be made into a chic shirt dress.  I could see this as a business-casual Negroni as well.

Last but not least, this is probably my favorites among the new fabrics that were posted on sewmamasew.  There are three different colorways in this fabric, but I think this is the prettiest.  I love the conrtast between the coral-pink and the navy.  I’m not certain what I would be making with this, but it would be great to have in my stash for when that perfect pattern comes along.

I recommend you stop by and check out their site and blog.  They’re currently interviewing a lot of different sewing people for a ‘2010 Reflections and 2011 Predictions’ January blog series, which I think are really interresting.

As always, thanks for stopping by my little blog and hope everyone is having a great day, despite the winter weather.

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