Sunday Stash: Mom’s Estate Sale Find

I love my stash of patterns, fabrics, notions, and yarn.  It’s not huge, in my opinion, but my husband continues to tease me about it every time I get a new package in the mail from etsy.

I’m a complete sucker for patterns, 1950’s vintage patterns to be specific.  Every time I buy one for $10 or so I feel like I’m increasing my wardrobe.  It’s a good thing I have a budget for myself… or else things would go south very fast.  heh

I do have to say, I rarely buy fabric unless I have a specific project in mind.  I always buy a specific yardage for the pattern I intend to use it for.  Obviously things happen at the fabric store that you’re all aware of (distractions=pretty fabrics=larger stash) but I try to keep these to a minimum.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m starting my own mini-series called Sunday Stash.  I’ll be revealing my stash little by little throughout coming weeks/months until it’s all revealed.  And as my blog gains in readers (keeping my fingers crossed), I hope to highlight some of my fellow bloggers’ stashes as well.  Please note that stash sharing will never turn into humiliation of any sort; I just think it’s a wonderful idea to share our favorite finds and to see everyone else’s pretty fabrics and patterns.

The first item in my stash I’d like to share with you is not actually something that I bought myself, but something that was given to me by my mother.  She found these items at an estate sale and thought I would like them, and right she was!!!

What, oh what, can be in these boxes?  heh

First up: 70’s green hard plastic box.

A box of vintage spools of thread.  They’re all colors and types and the spools themselves are either plastic, foam, or wood.  I wish I could use them, but being so old, I can’t trust the thread anymore.

Copper box now:

It’s basically an old tackle box with some random threads, but the bulk of it is seam binding.  I’m actually 50/50 about using this old seam binding.  It definitely needs to be laundered since it’s a bit dusty-smelling.  Does anyone know if it’s safe to use this old binding?  I was actually surprised to see that it’s not just cotton binding, but they had all sorts of fabric types back in the day.  I wish they still carried these in my local Joann’s store.  Whatever Joann carries tends to make my seams quite bulky.

Black Box up next (Although I’m sure you know what it is already….)

That’s right, a fully metal sewing machine from JcPenny’s.  It has tons more settings that my current Pfaff and lots more feet.  My mom paid only $20 for it!  After receiving this, I took it to get tuned up first, without using it, since it’s been sitting for so long.  It was funny actually, every interaction I had with the people at my local singer repair shop kept telling me what a ‘beautiful’ machine this was.  Go mom!

And last but not least is good old yellow box:

This is a great box of stuff.  It was deceiving because upon opening it up  I thought it was just another box filled with thread.  But underneath there was all manner of items.

Here’s a few of the gems:

There are a bunch of packaged needles, I don’t think I’ll run out of those anytime soon, along with some vintage buttons, and an eyelet tool.  And I love this elastic, too.  The label on it is actually made of metal, which to me, is a major sign of the times.

There are a bunch of scissors, but they don’t seem to cut that well.  I can’t bring myself to give them up though.  And more needles…. but the inside of this Boyle package serious looks like gold leaf, not at all like regular yellow-gold toned ink.

I hit the jackpot here because there are several metal zippers in this box, still in the original packaging.  There’s a tracing kit with this tortoise shell handle.  I think these things at the bottom in the yellow case are pattern weights (I’ve been using them as such anyhow).  And the blue-handled contraption seems to be a fancy needle threader of some sort.  Please correct me if I’m wrong though…

I love the stash, I’m just not sure what to do with all of these spools of thread.  Anyone else find any good uses for these?

Thanks, mom, for all the goodies!  Next Sunday I’ll be posting patterns and/or fabrics.

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