A Gardening Weekend

I just have to say right now… I am so pooped out.  I need like 5 naps and early nights just to catch myself up.  Ugh…  Anyhow, I had a very busy weekend as you could have surmised.  It was a productive one – but I feel I need a whole ‘nother weekend just to catch up again.

My mom grows tons of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and succulents in her basement each spring and uses them in her yard.  The last 2 years she’s been selling the extras in an annual township garage sale.  The first year she made so much money, she’s been creating planters and baskets just to sell at the sale now.  She made over $1500 this year & had very reasonable prices!  It’s not too bad for a one-day garage sale.


I woke up at about 6:30am on Saturday and it was constant work until 5pm that night.



We got refreshed after a good night’s sleep and enjoyed a celebratory breakfast.  My mom wanted to get away from her house so she came to mine and was helping me do a bit of yard work.


This is my crazy front yard.  It’s very overgrown with day lilies, some tulips, and a newly-found peony which I was very jazzed about finding as they’re one of my favorite flowers.

I shudder to even tell you that this is NOTHING compared to my backyard craziness!  There is no grass whatsoever in either my front or backyard.

We took to clearing things out little by little.


Once we got going we couldn’t stop.  I ended up filling 7 – 30 gallon yard bags worth of old mulch and day lilies and weeds.

We were pulled inside the house to eat a bit of lunch at 4pm & then promptly headed back outside with fresh determination to get the whole job done.


My dad and Felix were done with what they were working on and came to help us even out the ground and redistribute the excess soil to the backyard.


It was a total life saver as I’m sure we wouldn’t have had enough energy to finish that part ourselves.


Although the yard is just soil right now, it looks so much cleaner than what it used to be.  The day lilies were starting to take over the sidewalk even.  

Things need to be temporary up here since we’re eventually going to have to rebuild our front porch and replace the ugly pink bricks that are the outer layer of the house.  The pink bricks are fine by themselves but they’re just not meant to be put on a house built in 1885 and along with baby blue trim.

Next Steps:

We’ll either put some grass down or we’ll have some more structured planting beds throughout with a small Japanese maple.  We just need to keep it clean and orderly (and low maintenance) while we continue to work on the interior of the house.  (I’m also hoping my mom brings over some of her spare flowers so we can fill it in more with some pretty color.)

And now… I’m so beat.  Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend yourselves.

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