Itching to Sew

I haven’t sewn one single stitch since last November.  With spring nearing, I’m really itching to sew something new.

But what’s a girl to do when her house is in complete disarray??

To add insult to injury, I’m meeting up with several Chicago gals for a fabric shopping expedition this coming Sunday.  And you just know i’m going to be majorly tempted to purchase some new fabric.  (I do have a group-on for it after all).

Perhaps this is a good excuse to visit some of my fellow local seaming buddies for a sew-along in a shared space.  (Meg or Michelle or Tasha or Mari I’m lookin’ at you.)  :)

Any other thoughts for setting up a sewing station in a house full of debris, on-going demo, and dust?  Because something has to be done to quench my lust for sewing a pretty new spring dress or blouse – asap.

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