Bathroom Hardware Advice Needed

Sorry for all of the radio silence on here.  I’m kinda back…

Felix and I have been hard at work on our house which has sucked up all of my free time in conjunction with packing up for the official move.

We moved into our house this past Thursday and I’ve been working to set it up, to be a livable house, while we continue to work on it.  :)

I finished unpacking our stuff this weekend – and when I say unpacked, I mean I’ve unpacked only a small proportion of our stuff.  In order to work on the house while we live there, we’re living with the essentials only.  But you can be sure I have my knitting and sewing boxes somewhere separate so I can get at it when the mood strikes.


After unpacking (all) of my bathroom items, I realize I need some more essentials: toothbrush holder, toilet paper holder, and a hand towel rack (just for now).

I’ve always been of the mindset that I should save my money and purchase what I want the first time around, instead of buying something *less ideal* only to purchase the item again, but the one I really want.  I figure I save some money this way even though what I generally want is more expensive.

My house was built in 1885 and it does have some old architectural details still remaining, but the vast majority have been removed over time.  Felix and I are hard at work restoring and repairing it…  One of which is the bathroom.

The downstairs bathroom will be a half-bath (toilet & sink combo), while the upstairs is our official bathroom where we shower and get ready each morning.  Eventually we will be updating this bathroom too, but $$ is being focused on the kitchen first.

The long and short of it is… I’m not sure which bathroom hardware to choose for the upstairs vs. downstairs.

Should the upstairs bathroom be more casual, while the downstairs bathroom is the formal one?

I love each of these bathroom sets from Rejuvination:


This is a 1880’s repro; it’s the more formal of my two choices for bathroom hardware.  It seems pretty period with the house and I love all of the options that come along with it.

It’s hard to see the actual hardware here, but here is a detail of the towel holder:

And here is Chandler:

This is my 1940’s dreams come to life.  It’s the more casual of the two choices and is less period to the house, although it will still work fine and this is what I feel like I’ve been dreaming of.

Realistically, I do have a win-win scenario.  I’m planning on purchasing both of these no matter what.  What I have to decide is which goes upstairs and which goes downstairs.

I like that the Pittock has more options with it as far as towel racks go, which would be good for the upstairs.  But… I kinda feel like the more casual set should be going upstairs instead.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice to share on this?  I need some help before I take the plunge with this purchase since these are pretty pricey items.

On that note… anyone know of any other sites with similar reproduction hardware???

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