A Fresh Hair Cut

Just another mini post for today…. I got my hair cut last night!

Prior to my wedding 3 years ago I’ve always had shortshortshort hair.  So for some reason I decided I wanted long hair and grew it out for the wedding and have been getting it longer and longer ever since.

For some reason I just felt like it was too much and I needed a change.  My hair was starting to look drab and lifeless and I didn’t even want to bother styling it as a result.

I have a hair stylist who comes to my own home to do my hair (highlights & cut) along with doing Felix’s hair which I love.

I gave her these three images as inspiration:

Nina Leen for Life Mag.

The ever elegant, Grace Kelly.

And a modern inspiration, Reese Witherspoon.

I personally think that these three cuts (all on my pinterest board) are nearly the same (or at least the styling is).  I thought this length would enable me to curl my hair a bit easier while having a fresh new do.  Plus, I think I have a similar texture hair to Reese and Grace; so if they can pull it off I figured I could too.  heh

With these images in mind, my hair gal (Molly) took quite a bit of length off and I love it so much more!

I don’t have curly hair naturally, in fact it’s stick straight.  She curled it up for me, just for fun.  :)

It’s only been a few hours and it already feels fresh and easy.  It’s silly but I can’t wait to wash my hair and attempt to style it on my own.  :)  While I liked having long hair, I think this is a big improvement don’t you think?

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