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December 6

Who’s Baxter kidding….

She can’t cut fabric this way!

Sorry this is a bit dark and that Mr. Quincy is blurry.  I nabbed this photo while I was on the couch in lower lighting.

Ahhh!  I’m turning into one of those people who takes photos of their “kids” doing bad things when they should be reprimanded instead.  Baxter and Quincy were hopping around my muslin fabric bolt and I guess it smells fresh and tasty so they decided to try and nibble on it.

And for a special treat (I hope), this is my first ever video of Ms. Baxter & Professor Quincy Snugglesworth:

Again, I know it’s dark but it’s the buns….in motion!  Don’t worry, next one I post will look much nicer.  I was too excited that I did a video that I had to share it.

  1. Tasha / Dec 6 2012

    Awwww the buns are so cute even if they’re being naughty. :) I swear there is something about muslin specifically that drives pets crazy! Maybe because it’s unwashed? If I get out muslin and have it trailing down my sewing table, it is almost guaranteed that Pia will come sit on whatever is on the ground within a minute. lol

    • Liz / Dec 6 2012

      I think it smells a bit *green and earthy* unwashed, which is why they’re attracted to it. Plus is that neutral color instead of the bleached so there’s probably something natural in it that they like. Why do our pets have to sit on our fabric or anything we’re currently working on. Sometimes they are so smart to know how to get our attention…

  2. Sarah / Dec 6 2012

    Oh! I miss having a bunny.

    • Liz / Dec 6 2012

      Awww. Can’t you adopt a new one? :)

  3. Shari / Dec 6 2012

    Haha. Bunny shaming! You must really love your bunnies to let them eat your fabric. Although it looks like Quincy is trying to block the view of Baxter chewing :)

    • Liz / Dec 6 2012

      They never seem to make much headway on actually eating it… when I went to press it there were no holes. But you’re right, they may try to go for my good stuff if they had the chance. :| I would NOT be a happy camper then. heh

  4. Qui Pardue / Dec 6 2012

    hehe, very cute and naughty :)

  5. Rachel / Dec 6 2012

    LOL naughty bun-buns! The Professor looks a lot like our Mocha. Only she lives outside! Lovely to see your bunnies in action :)

  6. Elizabeth / Dec 6 2012

    Aww, the buns! I let my rabbit chew on my books if she comes up while I’m reading them. It’s bad, but I can’t resist her cuteness.

    • Liz / Dec 6 2012

      Oh dear…. You should see some of my old textbooks. The spines are completely missing because Baxter helped herself to a little *snack*.

  7. Liz / Dec 7 2012

    They are sooo cute. I live in Queensland, Australia and owning a bunny as a pet is illegal :(
    Weird cos it is fine in other States. Give them a cuddle for me so I can pretend :)

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