Project CPR

Sometimes, an hour is all it takes.

With December here, I found myself thinking about all the projects I’ve worked on this year.  I thought about the ones I finished, the ones I haven’t… and the ones that I almost got done, but aren’t quite there yet.

And then I realized: I’ve got a lot of projects that are close to being done!  For a lot of them, all I would need is an hour and I’d be finished! But for whatever reason, I just never gave it that final *push* to get done.

Project CPR is all about those projects that are almost there – the ones that only need an hour to complete.  Think of this as your free pass to focus on yourself and as a way of getting one more project done, before the year ends (and the holidays arrive).  All you need is an hour!


It’s super easy to participate in Project CPR!  Here are the “rules” to participate:

  • Pick a project that only needs an hour (or less) of work to complete.
  • Finish your project any time on Saturday (12/8) or Sunday (12/9).
  • Take a photo before and after!
  • Share your finished project on Twitter (#projectCPR) and/or the project’s Flickr group!
  • Write a blog post about your project & post up your link in the Project CPR page!

Share the Project!

If you’re interested in sharing the project with others, or promoting it on your blog… you can use the images below.  Just copy/paste the code on your site for your favorite button, and it will link back to the project home page.

Project CPR

Project CPR
Project CPR

Project CPR
Project CPR

Project CPR

Good Luck!

Remember that this is all about those quick, easy-to-finish projects that you can knock out in under an hour.  Try not to pick something that’s going to take a lot of time (it’s tempting, I know).  But the last thing I want is for peeps to get too ambitious and frustrated if they don’t finish in time, which would be no fun.

I would recommend starting with an easy project, or something with one or two steps left on it.  And if you decide you want to keep going beyond that first hour, great!

I’m looking forward to seeing your finished projects.  Good luck, everyone!

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