Final fabric and Notions

Not too much to report today.  But I am happy to say that I’ve collected all of my fabrics & notions for the Gertie Coat Sew along with Butterick 5824. 

The middle color is the main color of my coat and I found this medium grey wool at the far left to use as my contrast for trim and what-have-you.  Throughout my search I was looking for a dove grey wool, but when I held it up against the blue/teal it looked really *blah.*  It was most likely just that particular grey that did it, but it was all I could find so I turned to this charcoal grey instead.  The grey has some sheen to it which really ends up complementing the teal wool which I’m hoping will end up looking ‘clean’ and ‘tailored’.  I choose a bubble gum pink for the lining because I love the combination of pink and teal.  (I sooo belong in the 50’s!)

I also bought a pair of Raglan/Dolman shoulder pads:

I threw them on my dressform so you can see them in full effect.

You can see where the normal shoulder pad area stops (right at the shoulder line) and there’s a secondary piece (attached of course) that curves over the shoulder.

These are too thick for my petite shoulders, so I’ll be taking out a layer or two of the batting to make them work.  I should probably mention, I hate shoulder pads.  But after inserting them in my Lady Grey coat, they really enhance the coat and everything just falls so much nicer around my shoulder and chest with having them in.  If any of you are contemplating sewing along or making a jacket in the future, I highly recommend playing around with them.

I finished my muslin on Sunday night, but haven’t taken any pictures yet.  I took the giant tuck out of my back and I also rotated the shoulder seam 1/4″ forward, along with adding more ease at the arms.  All is good! 

I was just about to type that I have all of my notions and am ready to go, but I just realized…. I don’t have any thread.  heh  Can’t do much without that!  Oh, and I still need to figure out my button situation.  I don’t know if I want to use some black ones in my stash or have some professional covered.  But that’s the fun stuff.  :)

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