I caved in…

I know one thing I don’t need more of is patterns…


This is two shelves out of three total that I have filled with patterns.

But I couldn’t help buying some new patterns at the low price of $3.88; some of which were originally $15.  It was a deal I couldn’t pass up…as you can see.

Most of these patterns I bought because I saw versions made by many of you guys and loved them!  :)

Do you notice anything about these patterns?  Most of them are knit-fabric patterns.  Yep that’s right.  Sometime soon I’m going to delve into sewing with knits.  I’m planning on using my Renfrew pattern first as a primer and will take it from there.

But I don’t have any knit fabrics…  Are there any particular online sites you’d recommend for knit-fabric shopping?

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