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March 27

I caved in…

I know one thing I don’t need more of is patterns…


This is two shelves out of three total that I have filled with patterns.

But I couldn’t help buying some new patterns at the low price of $3.88; some of which were originally $15.  It was a deal I couldn’t pass up…as you can see.

Most of these patterns I bought because I saw versions made by many of you guys and loved them!  :)

Do you notice anything about these patterns?  Most of them are knit-fabric patterns.  Yep that’s right.  Sometime soon I’m going to delve into sewing with knits.  I’m planning on using my Renfrew pattern first as a primer and will take it from there.

But I don’t have any knit fabrics…  Are there any particular online sites you’d recommend for knit-fabric shopping?

  1. Emma / Mar 27 2012

    The Renfrew is probably a nice and easy starting point for practising sewing knits. My first ever garment that I made for myself, which was also my first time using a sewing pattern, was a V-neck short sleeved top in a ribbed jersey fabric. I wore it regularly for three years, until it was all see-through and misshapen and could be worn no more. If an easily distracted 11 year old with no garment sewing experience like myself can get through it with good results, anyone can do it. :)

    • Liz / Mar 27 2012

      Thanks for the confidence boost Emma! :) One of these weekends I’ll dip into the Renfrew…

  2. Stacie / Mar 27 2012

    Fun! I have a lot of these patterns. I buy most of my knits at because they tell you the percent it will stretch. I know Dixie DIY did a series on knits that covered where she gets a lot of hers.

    • Sue / Mar 27 2012

      I’m new to sewing knits too, but have purchased some knit fabric from They do seem to have a decent selection and, like Stacie says, listings include the content/% stretch, which is definitely helpful!

    • Liz / Mar 27 2012

      Thanks for the reference, I’ll have to check it out. :)

  3. Marie / Mar 27 2012

    These patterns are too delicious to have passed up, you did the right thing ;o)

    I started my jersey sewing journey with the Renfrew and it was surprisingly easy to work with that kind of material. Don’t be put off it at all! In fact I loved it so much that I’ve made my Mad Men inspired dress out of jersey, it’s honestly pretty easy to work with!

    Have fun with these patterns!

    • Liz / Mar 27 2012

      Heh thanks Marie!

  4. Michelle / Mar 27 2012

    Rae @ Made By Rae did a series called Kniterviews, and in it she has a list of suggested places to buy knit fabric. I’ve sewn up the Renfrew and it’s pretty great. Just a tip I used from someone else – you may want to check the length of the neck band and/or waistband and shorten it if your knit fabric is less stable than jersey.

    Here’s the Kniterviews link:

    • Liz / Mar 27 2012

      Thanks so much for sharing this link with me. I’m such a knit-newbie I don’t even know the differences between different types of knits.

  5. Trisha / Mar 27 2012

    I love knits, and I think you will too! I buy most of mine from or

  6. Meg / Mar 27 2012

    I can hardly resist the Vogue pattern sales!! You cannot beat the prices, especially when you covet those patterns for so long…

  7. Gina / Mar 27 2012

    What did you do? Just kidding! I love that I am not the only one for a weakness for patterns! They are just beautiful. I hope you sew them all up in some great knits, I haven’t tackled that one just yet. I love the idea of no zippers! Good luck sweetie, happy sewing!!!! Let us know if you find some good quality knits.

  8. Jo / Mar 27 2012

    Yep, can’t resist a tasty pattern.. come on, they were on sale! You had to!
    As for Renfrew, I just finished my first one, just put it up online yesterday in fact! It worked out pretty well! I noted some of my observations down for next time :)

  9. Casey / Mar 28 2012

    Yay for new patterns! :) I’ve been itching to delve into a few knit-wear patterns of late myself; my copy of the Renfew is still patiently waiting for me to find the “perfect” fabric. ;) (Mostly because I have a polka dot in mind that I want and haven’t found yet.) Can’t wait to see the patterns you bought made up! :)

  10. MB@YarnUiPhoneAppv2.3 / Mar 29 2012

    Liz! You live close enough to Vogue Fabrics…you don’t need to order online! There are plenty ‘o knits over there. Get on the bus or drive. :)

    • Liz / Mar 30 2012

      I’ve been refraining from going to physical fabric stores because I always come out with more than I intend do. :) Plus I’m on the lookout for a b&w polkadot fabric which I have yet to find at Vogue. But I am due for a shopping trip soon….

  11. Leah / Mar 29 2012

    You are going to love the Renfrew! I’m a knit-newbie and I’ve made three. It’s a lovely top, easy to make, delightful to wear. I get knits at, and also has a nice selection of jersey.

  12. Dori / Mar 31 2012

    Liz, the three places that I buy my knits : Gorgeous Fabrics, Emma One Sock and
    They have Great pieces!!

    Have at it..Lots of Fun

    • Liz / Apr 1 2012

      Thanks Dori. These are the places I keep hearing again and again. I’ve been on before and I have mixed feelings about their navigation, plus I don’t really know what I’m looking for yet in terms of knits so I was quite overwhelmed with choices there.
      I’ve visited Gorgeous Fabrics and very briefly have been to Emma One Sock. Do you have any recommendations for a type of knit for a beginner?

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