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February 13

Downton Abbey: My Path to Procrastination

It’s been days! since I’ve sat down to my computer to check emails or blog.  I was stuck on the couch Thursday, Friday, and a bit on Saturday.  I felt mostly better by Saturday afternoon and I had a whole host of things I needed to catch up on and projects to finish for this week’s theme on Sew Weekly (Valentine’s Day).

I was in a rush Sunday to finish my Valentine’s Day dress by the time the light had gone, but as soon as 4pm rolled around and I wasn’t finished I gave up and slowed down.  Then somehow I find myself eating dinner at 8pm only to remember that Downton Abbey was on tv!  My husband witnessed me squeal and jump around in the kitchen due to the lucky timing.

I don’t know how it happened, but I found myself glued to the television from 8-10pm; a two-hour Downton Marathon!  It was gripping, as always, but once it was over I found myself nowhere near completion on my Valentine’s Day dress nor did I finish my original blog post.

I would have liked to do so much more over the weekend, but it was slow going and then Downton Abbey just swooped in at the end and wrecked all my productive plans.  I wish I felt worse, but I love Downton Abbey!   

Did any of you guys get sucked in also?  And at least I didn’t get sucked in watching my husband play video games, like last time.

  1. Naomi / Feb 13 2012

    I hear you – who can resist? I’ve got it all saved on my dvr and look forward to purchasing the extended english version as soon as possible. Happy Valentines Day! Can’t wait to see the dress :)

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      Extended Version?!

  2. Lizz / Feb 13 2012

    Wait – Naomi – an extended english version? Is there one for season 1 too? I must have!

    I recently got a friend hooked on Downton and we’ve been watching season 1 over. Love this show!

    Looking forward to seeing the dress!

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      I was thinking the same exact thing! Naomi there is an extended version?!

      I watched Season 1 twice and am now watching season 2. So far the plot seems a bit too predictable in the second season, but somehow it hasn’t lessened my enjoyment or love of the show.

  3. Rochelle New / Feb 13 2012

    Who can blame you?! Downton Abbey is SO good! Season 2 is already on DVD in the UK and my aunt just so happened to bring it back for me on her last trip :) Sooo yeah. It’s a REALLY good season!

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      Oooo! I’m so jealous. Next week I’m going to be in Florida on Vacation and I’m debating if I can hole myself up in the hotel room on Sunday night to watch the show. heh It is my vactaion afterall, riiiight…….? heh

  4. Trice / Feb 13 2012

    A two hour show. Good thing to know, so I can avoid watching it until my sewing homework is done. I know every time I go to watch it, I tell myself that I will multi-task but then I get sucked in and no multi-tasking is done.

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      Me too! I always think I can get some hand stitching done or some knitting but it never happens. I feel bad…. but then again I don’t. :)

  5. Vicki / Feb 13 2012

    I got sucked in for two hours as well…and I’ve already watched all the episodes! Needless to say, no SW post for me this week.

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      I did the same thing last week. I thought the show started at 7pm last week and found that at 7pm it was a re-run. I was going to get but never did, and ended up rewatching it. Only at 8pm did I find that they had a new episode after the first. So I also gave up 2 hours last week to the show also.

      This week was pretty tight for me with the Sew Weekly project. I had to take pictures early Monday morning, before work, to fit everything in. Hopefully that doesn’t happen on a regular basis….

  6. Vicki Kate / Feb 13 2012

    I can’t comment on the Downton thing, it’s passed me by completely! I hope you’re feeling better though and enjoyed the Downton-a-thon! Thank you too for my parcel, it arrived Friday!

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      Yay! I’m glad your package arrived safely.

      Downton Abbey has apparently won a lot of awards, but my husband doesn’t seem interrested to watch it either. I really don’t know when I first heard about the show, but I started watching one day and I just got sucked in. :)

  7. StephC / Feb 13 2012

    OOoh! I love DA! My best friend is visiting me from the US soon, she’s never seen it so we’re going to have a lovely Downton Abbey marathon and I have an excuse to re-re-watch season 1. I love how soapy it is without being filthy and mucky.

    And the clothes… the clothes!

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      The clothes are amazing! Stephanie has been doing a downtown abbey garment posts nearly every week, and I drool every time. I meant to include her links in my post but I plumb forgot.

  8. Stephanie / Feb 13 2012

    Me too! I was not expecting the two hours but I’m glad they did because I don’t think I could have handled getting stopped in the middle. I was so tired for work this morning too but it was worth it! :)

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      I know! I had to run to the bathroom & back about 3/4 of the way in since they didn’t have any commercial breaks.

      I love your garment posts about Downton Abbey! I meant to post them up on my post but I was suffering from post-sickness and sleep deprivation. :) (Just like you too, it seems).

  9. Carrie / Feb 14 2012

    Downton Abbey makes me wish I had a DVR. Two hours with no breaks?? I can’t handle it. :)

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      I know! I was just commenting to Stephanie that I had to run to the bathroom and back due to the lack of breaks. I wish I had a pause button.

      I now recall my husband came in trying to talk to me and I think I curtly *shushed* him. Poor guy…

  10. Tina / Feb 14 2012

    A-yep. Didn’t manage to finish my Sew Weekly Challenge for that very same reason… I may finish it up tomorrow morning and try to sneak it past Mena.

    • Liz / Feb 14 2012

      I think Mena won’t mind… I had to stay up late to complete mine, and then I couldn’t fall asleep since I was busy thinking all about downton and what is going to happen next week. heh

  11. dixie / Feb 14 2012

    i’ve already seen all the episodes so far, even though i’m in the US and they haven’t all technically aired yet… no, I’m not admitting to illegal activities.

    i specifically picked a project I could work on while watching a show for like the two weeks it took me to finish both seasons! tv shows are such a time suck for me. it’s like i can’t leave my house until i’m completely caught up!!

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