I got sucked in….

I don’t think I would ever be writing these words on my blog, but I completely got sucked into a video game last night.

Have any of you heard of the game Uncharted?

Felix bought Uncharted 2 last year (or two years ago perhaps) and from the first 5 minutes of watching this thing I was sucked in.  It’s like part movie-part game.  The quality is great and seriously guys… it’s like watching a younger, scrappier Indiana Jones (but not quite as bookish as Dr. Jones).

There’s lots of ancient discovery and puzzles to figure out which I think is super interesting and Felix on the other hand plays it for that reason but also for the action-fighting stuff.  During the actual game-play portions, I got in some good quality knitting time.

Felix is now playing Uncharted 3 and it’s bad…. I won’t let him play without me and during the actual game-play parts I can’t even peel my eyes away to knit.

Much to Felix’s chagrin (I’m sure) I’m actively telling him what to do and squealing and giving him a head’s up to where guys are positioned to shoot him.  It’s so bad….  Half of the time my palms are all sweaty, I’m that engrossed.  I’m doing lots of *sighing* due to the intensity of the game, but I can’t stop watching!

This is really the only game I’ve ever been this sucked into…  I really don’t even like games…

Due to my temporary obsession, I got absolutely nothing done this evening!  I had planned to work on some sewing projects and also planned to get a few other odds and ends done around the house…but no  I sat and watched Uncharted 3 for at least 3 hours.  :|  I wish I could say I regretted it, but I’m such a sucker for watching this game!  There must be something wrong with me.  hehe

Tomorrow Felix is going to a PechaKucha event so hopefully I’ll be able to get something done… Wish me luck!  heh

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