I need your help deciding…

Hey peeps!

I usually don’t post over the weekends but I have a project I’m working on and I could use all of your thoughts/opinions about color schemes before I cut out my fabric.

The pattern I’m making is Simplicity 3016:

Cute no?!  :)

Anywho… I already cut out fabric for the bodice and skirt pieces.  The bodice is a classic red and the skirt portion is a (matching) classic red and white gingham fabric (similar to the shades below).


I’m planning on adding a white, wide belt (cummerbund) as is shown in the pattern envelope also in order to create a bit more depth between the red cotton bodice and the red and white gingham skirt (mainly so it doesn’t look like I look a square dancer).

Please tell me I won’t look like a square dancer?!  Not that there’s anything wrong with square dancing or people who do it… but I’m going for more of a cute, whimsical sort of dress perfect for summer days and picnics which doesn’t include square dancing.

How does this sound so far?

The next, main part I’m looking to get your thoughts about are potential piping colors on the red bodice and also a color scheme for a jacket.

You can see in Version 1 (girl in white) is wearing an embroidered organza jacket and the girl in version 2 (pink) is holding her jacket.  I’m highly debating making a jacket to match, but I need all of your thoughts to help me decide.

Appended:  The most awesome blogger/knitter/seamstress Annabelle just offered me up the cutest bolero pattern you ever did see!  It’s now for certain that I’m going to make her bolero pattern instead of the jacket that goes along with my pattern.

But I still need your thoughts about the color scheme with this new bolero pattern!  So keep voting.  :)

Isn’t it perfect?!

To make it easy on everyone, I’ve created a handy little poll which I hope you all approve of.  :)

In order to see the results, you just have to go ahead and vote yourself.  Sound good?  Okay, let’s go.

I’m closing the ‘polling booth’ at 6pm CST.  So be sure to get your votes in…. And can I just let you know now that it’s a CLOSE race!

With this final question, feel free to select up to 2 options, if you’re like me and can’t decide.

I got a bit carried away with the answers on the last question, but all combinations could really work… I just don’t know which to pick!

Help!  Please help me decide, and I’ll make the winning selection.  Sound like a plan?

And if you have more thoughts that weren’t covered in the poll feel free to comment as usual.  :)

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