Revisiting the Crepe Dress

After going in for my fourth doctor’s visit this past Saturday, I am relieved to say that I’m starting to feel like myself again.  I’m still swollen and taking pain medication, but the pain isn’t as debilitating as it was throughout the week.  Long story short, I am fighting an infection that is most likely in my sinus cavity under my cheekbone, and not dry socket as they initially thought.

After having surgery on July 7th, I felt like I turned into someone else since all I could feel was a throbbing pain.  I consider myself to have a high threshold for pain I was really starting to get upset and frustrated by how long my recovery was taking.  While I knew my pain would eventually cease, it’s still been quite difficult to function as my old self.  As a result, I truly feel as if I have a new perspective for those people out there who have chronic issues, where pain is involved.  These people must be amazing individuals!

I want to say a big, fat:

“Thank You!”

That’s for sending me your well-wishes, sympathy, and cheerful comments over the past week.  It was really sweet of you guys and they really helped to cheer me up.  :)

I wanted to pick up with my Macaron Redux dress again this past Sunday, but instead I realized that I didn’t have any silk thread in the right color.  Not wanting to fight the heat to get one spool of thread, I decided to take a mini-break from my Macaron dress and pickup again with my Crepe Dress.

Back when Gertie’s Sew-along was taking place, I did all of the muslin fitting and got as far as cutting out my shell fabric pieces but ended up putting this project aside due to Christmas events, and it’s been hibernating there ever since.

Working along with Gertie’s old Crepe Sew-along posts, I’m up to her step #7, which is ‘Underlining the Crepe’ pieces.

This is my skirt front piece, where I just finished basting it to the black cotton batiste.

I really like this method of basting the two fabrics together, then cutting.  It seems to really eliminate all the little cutting inconsistencies that can happen.

I actually did things a bit backwards…  I should have cut out my underlining first and marked it, but I accidentally cut out my shell fabric first.  The only reason why this matters is that I don’t have any of my pattern pieces marked yet with the darts and such.  After all my pieces are basted together, I have to go back and mark everything on the underlining fabric using my pattern pieces.

Here’s the skirt, all nice and cut out now:

My fabric may look familiar; the design is called “Turn of Events” in Indigo, which is a cotton voile from Anna Maria Horner’s fall line called “Innocent Crush”.  I instantly fell in love with this fabric when I saw it, and I love all of the different colorways it comes in.  But I don’t think I was thinking very practically on this one…  This fabric is more of a Fall/Winter fabric but the Crepe pattern is more of a Spring/Summer Dress.  I’m either going to have to make the sash brighter (light blue) for summer or find a cute cardigan to wear with it for the fall.  (I welcome all of your thoughts on this, too!!!)

Here’s the skirt again, but from the wrong side.

I feel like a sewing nerd now but I really like the white basting lines against the black batiste.  heh

Here’s my bodice piece all basted up, too.

Don’t worry, it’s not missing basting stitches at the right side of the neckline.  I was just using up some black silk I had on the needle and it blends in too good to the underlining.

I managed to get all of my main pattern pieces cut and underlined on Sunday, with the exception of one of the back bodice pieces.  So before I move on to Gertie’s post #8 about Stabilization (which I’m all too familiar with now since the Macaron Dress) I have to finish underlining the back bodice piece, and then I can move ahead.

As a special note: For my (rss) readers who’ve been following my progress on the silk and lace Macaron dress, I’ll be coming back to it again very soon.  I’m a mega multi-tasker and needed to switch things up a bit on the sewing front since I felt like I was getting a bit burnt out with my Macaron.

I’m now curious, is it just me or does that happen to you guys too (working really hard on one project for so long and getting burnt out so you switch projects to keep things fresh)?

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