Floral Top

One of my recent completed tops that I never got around to blogging about is my new floral top.

For this top, I used Vogue 5011 which is the same pattern as my embroidered Birdy Blouse (which also has to make its way up on the blog).

This is a great, basic 40’s boat-neck blouse with cut-on sleeves.  I had made a muslin prior to cutting out my 3-ply silk version (the Birdy blouse).  I thought I’d be fine cutting out a second one in cotton voile but I found I needed a bit more width in the hips due to the less stretchy fabric choice.  I went down to a scant 1/4 seam allowance at the hip, but I’m glad I was able to let it out just enough so it can be worn comfortably, untucked.

So far, I’ve just worn this top to work under a cardigan and I wore it on Sunday as a nicer version of a basic T.  It’s really comfortable and yet looks nice too.  Did I mention what a great basic top this is?!  I now see why Portia of Miss P makes so many of her Kimono sleeved tops.

It was a bit chilly this weekend so I actually wore it underneath my navy cardigan.  It’s great for layering…. which is why it looks a bit wrinkled in these photos.

Busy prints aren’t usually my thing; I tend to lean towards solid colors for the most part.  But I’ve had Anna Maria Horner little folks voile in my stash for quite some time.  And this blouse pattern is wonderful and basic for the busy print.  I’d shied away from using it on a top with collar/button band, etc. since I was worried the print would overpower all of the construction details.

Here’s a detail shot of the back:

I have to *fire* my photographer… he failed to notice my bottom button wasn’t fastened.  Yarrr  I went all day like this too!

Determined on using buttons from my stash, these slightly pearlescent ones seemed the only option I had.  Can you tell that the top button doesn’t match the lower 4?!  Well, it looks similar, it’s just slightly larger than the rest.  I figured, it looks like I did it on purpose since the top button is the main button.  heh  Sometimes you have to lower your expectations when sticking to your stash.  You know what I’m talking about, am I right?!

Anyhow… I made my own button loops and may have finally perfected the buttonhole stitch, as much as I am able.  I added a bit of fraycheck to my thread loops in order to stiffen them up which worked perfectly.  (Let’s just hope they stay stiff through the wash as well).

That’s really about it.  Just a great, easy little top I was able to whip up in the course of a weekend which will help me beat the summer heat…. whenever it chooses to arrive.

Is it me, or can you guys believe it’s already June?!

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