Completed Applique Seams and Darts

I was looking back over a few of my ‘Macaron Redux’ related posts and realized I never put any pictures up yet of my finished applique seams.

This is the bodice back, all sewn up.

I finished hand stitching down all of the floral motifs to complete the horizontal seam.  Additionally, I finished sewing up two darts in the back.  What’s really cool is that I can’t even point out where the darts are located in looking at my own picture (above).

Here’s a close-up of the left applique dart after I hand sewed the motifs down:

Here you can now see the actual dart seam.  I appliqued 2 of the main motifs right in the middle and bottom of the seam and excluded the upper-most point of the dart.

And here’s a close-up of the right applique dart seam:

I retained the two applique motifs in the middle of the dart, or the first two motifs at the top with the pink underlining.  I didn’t retain the large flower motif at the bottom since it was so large.  It was going to end up becoming too noticeable since it would break up the rest of the floral pattern on the right-hand side of the bodice.

After working on these applique darts on the front of the bodice, the back was a bit easier to complete.  But it was still nerve-wracking trying to cut in the middle of the lace.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to doing that….

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