Adulting in Lakeside Pajamas

As I’m now considered an ‘Adult’ aka over 30 years old (that’s an adulty age yeah??),  I feel like I’m supposed to have actual sleep-wear in my wardrobe.  Adults have that right??  But sewing pajamas that no one will ever see besides my husband, hasn’t been at the top of my sewing list…. until now.

Lakeside Pajamas

So much skin… Eeek!  Over the weekend I made up a wearable muslin version of Grainline’s Lakeside Pajamas.

Lakeside Pajamas

My “wearable muslin” turned out 100% wearable as I don’t even need any modifications after picking out my size and stitching these up.  So on the blog they go!

This is surprisingly the first garment I’ve made using Grainline patterns, and I have to say… this pattern is PRECISE.  Lovely & precise!  All notches matched up without fail – all curves were just *so* even the waistband seam fell right on the shorts side seam without forcing it to happen.  LOVE!!!  After sewing for several years, I really have come to appreciate precision in pattern drafting.

This is truly how I feel with wearing shorts!

Lakeside Pajamas

Pulling these suckers down to my knees is my first reaction.  It has really-truly-and honestly been 10+ years since I’ve worn any shorts.  I don’t even lounge around the house in shorts….

So what prompted me to make a pair of pajamas???  Well… I’m going back to Paris in August and felt it was high time I pack & wear some actual coordinating pajamas.  It was just time… Adulting and all that jazz.

Lakeside Pajamas

I’m going kinda solo, too.  I was offered the opportunity to go to France (after applying of course) through my work, DePaul University, as part of a Vincentian Heritage/Mission Learning guided tour with about 25 other folks from DePaul.  My husband won’t be coming with and I’ll be with 25+ strangers from DePaul on the tour.  Its gonna be a great learning experience… and something totally different for me.  I’ll be spending the first two weeks of August on a bus/guided tour, which will be very interesting for an introvert like me.  lol

So… back to Pajamas.

Lakeside Pajamas

I’m sure I should have altered the back bodice in some way to prevent some folds – but again pajamas.  They feel great on and fit, so really that’s all that matters to me.

I got this cotton voile fabric for free and its not quite *me*.  It’s cute and all but I’m not exactly a paisley pattern kind of girl.  I do love the color though… Perfect for a wearable muslin.

Lakeside Pajamas

When I was cutting the bodice I made sure to align one of the major motifs down the center front.  Any other placement would be a bit…. wrong if you know what I mean.  Same goes for the shorts.

Lakeside Pajamas

As you can see I have done some skilled & precise image cropping – this is as much thigh as the public gets to see of me & my legs.  lol  My thick, nordic legs are best left undercover.  lol  Don’t get me wrong, I love how strong my legs are… but they’re pasty white and well… let’s just leave it at that.

Let’s see… I cut the top with a straight size 6 and I believe I made the shorts in a straight size 12.  Yup totally pear shaped.

Lakeside Pajamas

While this is so not my asthetic… you really can’t beat a comfortable pair of pj’s.  As soon as I made them up and tried them on – ON they remained for the rest of the day.  While making 7 yards of bias tape almost killed me – it could have been worse since I decided to make 7 more yards of bias for the second pair.  heh

I just got my fabric pre-washed for the second version and can’t wait to make them for my upcoming trip.

Eiffel Tower
Emma One Sock – Click image to fabric source.

Isn’t it perfect?!  I generally don’t want to look like a tourist and wear Paris-themed garments, but I kinda want to… so being made into pajamas is a total win.  :D

Happy Sewing!

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