Sunday Stash: Pattern Sale

On Thursday evening I found myself without an invisible zipper for my Burda Trousers sew-along.  So after working out on Friday evening I went to my local Joann’s store to get an invisible zipper and this is what I came home with…

That’s right girls, 8 patterns and one invisible zipper.  heh  I cannot be blamed for this… there was a pattern sale at my Joann’s store.  I always keep a list of the patterns I want to buy on my iphone for these handy moments.  Unfortunately most of the patterns I really, really wanted were already gone with the exception of the bottom two patterns: New Look 6003 and Simplicity 2601.

How did I then end up with the other 6, you may be asking.  Well, if I were to just look at the patten envelope I probably wouldn’t have bought these.  But I wrote down all of these patterns because I saw what other people have done with them.  As a result these patterns have just been sitting on my phone, always being passed up for the newer, prettier patterns.  Since there was a sale, I decided to bite the bullet and just buy them once and for all.  Together they were only $30, so I don’t feel terrible.  But I shudder to think when I’ll actually be getting to these with all I currently have going on.

Has anyone else been as bad as I was this weekend? :)

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