Swing Dress Update

One of the sew-alongs I’m participating in is called the Swing Dress from the Sense & Sensibility Pattern line.  And the sew-along leader is Casey of Casey’s Elegant Musings.

The pattern comes on two large sheets of paper that completely covers my dining room table.  In order to work with this large pattern you have to place some tracing paper over top of the regular paper pattern and trace out your size.  From there you cut the tracing paper out, to then use that to cut out your fabric.

It sounds like a long, tedious process, but it’s really not that bad.  It’s actually really great since the original pattern is still intact in case you traced out the wrong size or if you want to make it for someone else.

Here you see I have the tracing paper roll laid out on top of the pattern sheet.  I like to use my glass coasters as weights.

And here’s the other pattern sheet.

That fuzzy little thing sitting on the pattern is one of my rabbits, Baxter.  She likes to get into mischief…  This was taken right before she tried to eat the paper.

And this is me shooing her off…

Baxter is always hovering around my dining room table (aka my sewing area) getting into trouble.  She like to eat muslin, patterns, bits of thread….  Really she likes to do anything that causes me to react, resulting in chasing her, and subsequent petting.  She’s really too smart for her own good.

Once I was able to work again, I got my silk muslin fabric all cut out and ready to sew.

Isn’t this fabric funny?!  Hockey players.  At the moment I’m debating using this fabric as a wearable muslin;  I really can’t tell if it’s “anthropologie-cute” or “old man’s tie-strange”.

What do you think?  I’m leaning towards making it up in this fabric just for the fun of it.  (Do keep in mind, I’ll be making another version no matter what.)

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  1. Mia February 8, 2011 — 11:39 AM

    I think it’s kind of funny that someone made a silk with hockey players on it in the first place! LOL!

    1. Liz February 8, 2011 — 12:44 PM

      I know!! It’s totally random.

  2. Amanda February 9, 2011 — 9:39 PM

    I thought the same thing! Silk…with hockey players! I say go for it and use it as a dress if it works out :)

    Also, I thought I’d comment about your bunny (very cute!) eating thread. My sister’s cat got hold of some thread and ate so much of it (about a foot or so) that it blocked his intestines. He had to go through major surgery to get it removed. It didn’t even seem like that much thread when the vet showed us. This was fairly recent so it’s been on my mind and I just thought it’d be a good thing to share. Don’t mean to frighten!

    1. Liz February 10, 2011 — 9:28 AM

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s cat. Glad to hear he made it through surgery though.

      I actually had to chase Baxter around the apartment and yank the tail of thread out of her mouth. She didn’t appreciate that very much. I try to be careful about picking things up, but they always seem to find what they’re not supposed to have.

  3. Ann Parkinson February 27, 2012 — 10:18 AM

    Love your hockey fabric. I’m working on a Rangers hockey quilt for my grandson. Would you please consider selling or bartering scraps? Blessings,

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