Day 1 in France: TissuMarket and Vagenende

I’ve never been good at taking photos on the go.  I can remember maybe once I get done with visiting something notable…. So this ‘documenting my day’ is very new for me.

While I’m in France as part of a work tour, I do have bits of free time that I am spending judiciously.

Upon arriving in Paris, Wednesday, ss soon as we all checked into our hotel a bit after 1 pm, people were tired and decided to nap.  Of course I wanted to nap too, but I had places to go!  lol

Most of the fabric and yarn stores in Paris shut down for August.   So you can imagine my delight when I found out that TissuMarket will be open the whole first week of August, until they too went on summer holiday.




I don’t recall going here last year with my Stitching Up Paris tour guide, Barbara… But she recalls taking us there first.  Which is honestly why I probably don’t recall going here.

Whenever I go to the FIRST fabric store no matter where I am, I generally get overwhelmed and don’t purchase anything.  I was running into the same issue on this visit.  But the longer I was lingering in TissuMarket, the more I was able to calm down and look at fabrics with a fresh eye.

I did end up purchasing a few (to me) beauties:


The delicious pink is a silk charmeuse (2 meters) destined to be some pajamas, the black & white is a irregular pleated piece (only 1 meter) and then I got this wonderful blue mystery fabric (4 meters).  I only asked for three meters but there was a dye issue near the end of the third meter so I was ‘gifted’ a whole extra meter – I’m pretty sure it was b/c I was a patient shopper.  The one lady who was working was juggling 6 people all at the same time, poor thing.  I remained patient and pleasant, and helped her move things aside for other customers and helped tie up bolts.  I’m calling it a karma-win.

This blue is either a silk crepe or a viscose crepe.  I’m going to have to give it a burn test to see which it is.  Let’s just say I fell in love with it so hard, I didn’t care if it was silk or viscose.

I totally wished I had the luggage space for some wool coating as they had some reasonably priced aqua Melton.  Yuuummm

Directions to the train took me thru a lovely park, full of local Parisians.  I wished I had enough free time to just sit here with a book and macarons.



I debated going to another shop, but figured I was too tight on time.  So I got cleaned up and went to our first group dinner at Vagenende.


This meal, upon reflection ended up being one of my top 2 meals during the whole trip.  So incredibly delicious.

The interior of this place had me swooning as well.



Glass ceiling over our table:


Shared bathroom area:


Other randomness from my first day, bathroom selfie with my new knit wrap dress:


Train Platform:


#NoFilter Eiffel Tower:


Coordinating Eiffel Tower Lakeside Pajamas made especially for this trip – I’m a nerd like that.



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