Date Night Drinks

Felix and I are homebodies; were pretty happy chilling and doing projects at our house any given weekend night.  In attempts to get out more, I decided (for us) that we needed to have a once a month date night.

This month it was Felix’s choice and he took us to The Aviary.

Felix and I have been watching the show on Netflix called Chef’s Table.  We can’t get enough of it and I’m pretty it heavily influenced Felix’s pick this month.

It’s not cheap, but the drinks are so cool.


I love trying out these new places with Felix.  While it just sounds like drinks… It was so much more of an experience.  Felix totally picked a winner… I’m not sure how I can top this one but I’ll have fun picking out next date.

Note: this is my first time using the WordPress app.  I hope it displays alright for everyone.  I’m hoping to use this while in Paris to share some photos – TOMORROW!  :)


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