Vintage Garage Market Finds

I’ve had a very ‘mixed’ weekend; some parts were stressful, others fun, some very productive hours and some where I watched 2 movies right in a row (7 Brides for 7 Brothers followed up with That Touch of Mink if you were interested).

I’ll touch on the stressful/productive bits in a following post.  What I did that was super fun this weekend was going to my first Vintage Garage flea market.

The Vintage Garage is new, monthly vintage market located in Uptown and occurs on the third Sunday every month.  I sadly missed the first one (which was in June) but I was totally stoked to be able to go this month.  Vintage Garage is a good mix of items, and there seems to be a bit for everyone.  The premise to this event is vendors park their car in a garage and set up while I get to pursue the wares in a shaded, weather-resistant space.

I’m pretty certain the booth on the left here is Take 2 Vintage.

Random Wares:

More fun stuff:

I was quite wrapped up in shopping myself but I managed to nab a few images for you.  (Felix has more… a TON MORE images on his blog here along with a great recap.)

I found myself loving the Vintage Garage market since it felt like more of a curated flea market.  Sure the prices weren’t as good as the flea, I am shopping in Chicago proper.  But what was great is that it was DIFFERENT kinds of items.  I didn’t buy all that much, but I thoroughly enjoyed purely looking around.  Lots of old housewares & furniture interspersed with clothing, bicycles, games, books, and much more.

What came home with me:

I found this cute & kitsch Hawaiian wrap skirt from Bombshell Shocked:

I love that it’s reversible!  I may have to ‘copy’ the design and make more for myself.  There aren’t any darts or tucks on the waistline, just the two seam edges (bound in bias binding) and a panel (with 2 seams) at the center back.  All the edges (top, bottom, and sides) are all bound in a red cotton bias binding.

I also bought a heap of fabric (aka duvet cover and shams) that would make for a perfect Cambie or Lonsdale dress.

The floral pattern is weighted at the bottom whereas at the top it fades to the white with small daisies.

Now…. I have to warn you all about my favorite find of the day.  (Aaaand please don’t delete me from your readers & on Pinterest because I love these guys!)  heh  I think they’re cute but I also recognize that they’re kinda strange/gross.  But when I don’t think about the taxidermy aspect I think they’re hilarious.

Are you ready?



















They’re toads… playing musical instruments!

Yes… I paid for these!  heh  I think they’re fun & quirky and need names.  They remind me of The Bloggess’ Taxidermy weasel, Juanita.

Are you grossed out or do you think they’re kinda fun too?

I spotted these guys pretty early on and didn’t buy them.  As I was walking around the garage I kept telling Felix, intermittently that “I wanted the toads” and “I’m still thinking about those toads”.

When I was going to leave I had to see if they were still for sale.  They were so I *popped* on them.  I knew I’d regret not taking them home with me.  They two guys who were selling them we’re excited for me that I had bought them.  I think they had to be the funkiest thing for sale and the two ‘gents selling them were quite pleased they had the most eclectic items.  :)

Are you guys okay?  Or are you thinking ‘how is it that sweet little Liz has bought these crazy taxidermy toads… she seems so normal?!’

I love them regardless… they’re so totally random!  I want to know the guy who said to himself “I need to taxidermy some toads and make them play instruments.” hehehe

Anyhow they’re going on my mantel but they need names!  The fatty, taller toad is on the left and the skinnier toad is on the right.  If you have some great name suggestions please leave me them in the comments.

And yes….. I am sorry if I grossed anyone out.

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  1. Julia July 16, 2012 — 11:05 PM

    Whoa, that is so weird. Someone bought taxidermy toads at the antique store I worked. It was two toads playing pool. Hilarious! I really want to go to this, I’ve already seen some bloggers talk about this. Grrr, always working…

    Though I like my work, there’s a lot of mid-century for great prices. A lot of antique store owners come up here to get their merchandise, ha!

  2. lynaeve July 17, 2012 — 12:55 AM

    I’m really jealous, that seems like the best sale ever. I live in a small town, we dont even have a garage like that. Anyway, congratulations on the beautiful fabric and those awesome frogs.

  3. Not gross, but definitely slightly odd! I’d call them Mole (the fat one) and Ratty, just to turn Wind in the Willows on its head a little. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend!

  4. I think they’re quite qwirky. The parents of one of my high school friends were taxidermists so that part doesn’t bother me. I’ve seen some strange taxidermy in my day. (but I got to pet a giraffe so it was worth it!)

  5. Lauren July 17, 2012 — 10:17 AM

    HAHAHAHA I love the toads! That’s totally something I would buy – super ridiculous and super weird hahahahaha. If anyone deletes you over that, pooh on them for not having an awesome sense of humor lol.

    My dad has a really awesome/tacky taxidermy piece… it’s a bobcat holding a basketball (my dad is a Kentucky Wildcat’s fan). Here’s the super tacky part, though – my papaw had it made for my dad as a Christmas gift… he found the bobcat on the side of the road. Hahahahaha!! I mean… I guess it’s good that he didn’t kill the bobcat strictly to turn it into a decoration, but still! So weird! That bobcat always gives me the side-eye, too. I think my dad keeps it in his office now. You know, because weird taxidermy totally belongs in an office :B

    As for names, I’d just call them Frog & Toad (after the children’s book – I was totally into it as a kid). Kind of boring, though. Maybe name them Milli & Vanilli :)

  6. I wouldn’t buy them, but that’s more because my kids would want to play with them which wouldn’t be good for toadies long-term health.

    I’d call the one with the harp “Strum” and the one with the Oboe “Windy”

  7. The taxidermy is a bit weird, but if I pretend they are just sculptures I seriously love them. It’s very…,oh, there’s a story book where toads are involved, totally blanking on the name. But very that. ;)

  8. Meg July 18, 2012 — 12:33 PM

    Dear Liz, I knew we were friends when we talk about living in Chicago and going awesome places around town, and then I really knew we were friends when I found out you read the Bloggess’, and then I was positive we were friends when we met and you totally let me hug you, but I knew we were destined for greatness together when I saw your AWESOME frogs!!!!!

    I would name them Brother and Singer. Because Husqavarna is too long.

    Or Reptar and Kal-El. Go crazy :)

  9. Lucy July 19, 2012 — 4:34 PM

    Yeah, I do think the toads are gross, but no matter! You like them, and they don’t have to live at my house, so hooray! (But you’re right, they’re amusing if I try not to think about the taxidermy.)

    As for those sheets, for sure, they’ll make a gorgeous Cambie :-)

  10. Evie July 19, 2012 — 5:50 PM

    Love the fabric, but love the toads more. They are just too fabulous.

  11. Jo July 19, 2012 — 8:37 PM

    Teehee. No-one should delete you over toads! I myself would probably buy a stuffed squirrel if I saw one…
    And I looove that fabric. So beautiful :)

  12. i can’t believe you got the frogs. I had people telling me but I never found them and now I know why ;) I actually have 5 frogs playing various instruments already and these two would have fit perfectly into my frog band!! Good score and I hope to see you again next month! Stop and say hi if you come :)

    1. Liz July 23, 2012 — 9:37 AM

      Awww! I feel bad that they’re not part of your 5-piece frog band.

      I spotted them early on and didn’t buy them right away. But as I was wandering around I kept thinking back to them and hoping they were still there. When I was going to leave, I finally decided I needed them and even paid full price. heh

      Do you have pictures of your group of frogs up anywhere? I’d love to see them!

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