Blogger Meetup_Day 2

When I was sending Lauren a list of happenings in the city she picked up on the Vintage Garage event, which is slowly becoming one of my fav. vintage shopping places.  (You may recall I bought these two musical frogs there.)

Felix and I swung by to get Lauren & Landon and we headed to the Vintage Garage bright and early on Sunday morning.  We slowly strolled around as we were waiting for Tasha & Mel to meet up with us.

I can’t really say that Felix and Landon are totally into the vintage scene, but they chatted and walked around as content as could be.  We all wandered around at our own pace, sometimes with each other and sometimes going solo.  It was a really relaxed, stress-free way to shop.  I didn’t feel like I had to be tied to any one person, but it was leisurely to walk and chat when we came upon someone else.

The Vintage Garage event itself was a bit smaller than the last time I was there, but they still had some great deals and fun items.

I think Lauren scored the best on her 2 vintage dresses & an adorable green and white striped blouse.  See her twitter/instagram image here.

Tasha’s partner, Mel found some really great promotional images from the 30’s (I believe) that they’re planning on putting in their guest bedroom.  They have me wishing I had an extra room to decorate at my whim… but I guess that’s my sewing room (aka dining room) since I marked it as mine by turning it into a lovely shade of coral which my husband likes to call pink.  heh

You may be asking now what yours truly found…. well I was bad.  Don’t tell Baxter or Quincy, but I bought a really sweet 50’s (rabbit) fur shrug.  It’s really a guilty pleasure as I love petting the shrug since it reminds me of sweet Baxter.  I don’t feel as bad about it as I should since it’s vintage and I’d never buy a new one in a million years.  I figure what’s done is done, as long as my bunniess don’t spy me trying it on.

I’m hoping to pair it with a flirty little dress (yet to be made) for the cruise I’m taking in January, since this is my only excuse to buy such an extravagant item of clothing.

The more practical pieces I came home with is a singer box full of sewing feet and a pair of 40’s leather gloves:

The Vintage Garage wrapped up our blogger-meetup adventure and I love these gals even more in person than I did when we were just online buddies.  I feel like I’ve gone from being a nervous wreck from my first blogger meetup (with Tilly) to actually being myself in just a few short visits with random peeps.  I highly recommend getting to know your fellow-local bloggers in person if you’re able since it makes our ever-growing online sewing community all the more fun.

And it should be known that if you ever find yourselves in Chicago, I’m all for taking you guys around town for fabric & yarn shopping or even just chatting over beverages.  :)

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