Blogger Meetup with Tilly

Over the weekend, well Friday really, I had my first ever blogger meetup with Ms. Tilly (& the buttons).

Tilly was as sweet as could be.  We chatted about sewing, blogs, her pattern-making workshop with creating a block,  the online sewing-blogger movement, other bloggers, etc. 

But I have a confession….  Being my first blogger meetup, I was incredibly nervous & shy throughout.  For me sewing is so solitary (or has been until recently) that I don’t find myself often chatting about blogging or sewing to others, in person.  Most people just don’t get it.

So when I blog, I’m talking you all of you internet pals and I have a lovely time doing so.  :)  But meeting another blogger, in person, I clammed up and was quite shy. 

I pushed myself to chat and when I did, it was fun.  Seriously… Tilly made me feel more and more comfortable talking the longer we were hanging out.       

The first fabric stop we made was to the mega-huge and crazy Textile Discount Warehouse.

This store is in Pilsen and it some hits & lots of misses as far as the fabric is concerned.  Tilly’s posing with one of the “misses” which was some gaudy red, silver, blue and black scratchy polyester fabric.  She took lots more photos than I did, but it’s hard to get the scale of this place.  The layout is nearly 1/2 city block long and has three levels (main floor, attic, and basement). 

Being a slight fabric snob, I shy away from un-natural fibers (plus I’m allergic to Poly) and this place is at least 80% unnatural fiber fabrics.  They do have some gems, but you have to hunt.  I’d recommend you go to this place at least once just to experience it, especially the zipper “room”.  And be sure to bring a buddy! 

Afterwards we went to Fishmans and then to Vogue across the street.  I think we both had better luck at Vogue Fabrics, which is a great place that has reasonably priced fabrics and a good selection of them.  

When I dropped Tilly off for the day, I felt a bit saddened.  I never felt 100% like myself throughout the visit and it was a shame.  I just had too many thoughts reeling in my head that I couldn’t fully relax.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wasn’t being me, which made me more conscious and shy… :|

As a result of all of this, I’m going to be pushing myself to get out of my sewing room and interact with more sewers/bloggers.  I think that’s the only way I’m going to be more comfortable and truly have the most fun.  I’d already been pondering doing a group meetup in the city over the spring/summer, but I think this has confirmed that it must happen!  heh

Do you guys have any blogger meetup stories to share?  Thoughts?  Or am I just being too hard on myself?

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