Meetup??? Charles James Deconstructed Exhibition

Hey peeps!

I’m planning on going to the Charles James: Genius Deconstructed exhibition at the Chicago History Museum this week, either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

To read about the Charles James exhibition click here

But long story short, there are several of his dresses on display (including his famous clover dress) and the museum was able to send the dresses through a CT scanner and have x-ray like images of the inner construction of some of his items. 

Swan Dress CT Scan:

Charles James "Tree," CT scan

The Swan Dress:

Unfortunately, no photographs are allowed in the exhibit.  But you’ll be sure I’m going with a pad and pencil to do some rough sketches and to take notes. 

Felix even had the quirky idea of hiring an art student to do good-quality sketches for my personal use.  So if anyone knows an artist/art student in Chicago, feel free to send them my way.  heh

I know it’s short notice, but do any of my local blog buddies want to do a ‘quick’ meetup at the event?

I’m game for organizing a breakfast/lunch & pattern swap (or even just having coffee) if any of you gals would like to say “hi” and talk “shop” at the exhibition. 

If you want to come, just post up a comment and we can go from there.  Again, I’m flexible to go Friday anytime after 1pm or Saturday morning.

Update:  I can also be talked into waiting till next Saturday, April 14th if it means more people would be able to go.

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