The Saddest Pattern

I just have a quick post for you today… but it’s a topic which I’m sure many of you can sympathize with: The Sad Pattern.

What is a sad pattern?  This is a sad pattern!

This is the bodice for Simplicity 3016, that I’m using for my Valentine’s Day dress.

More detail:

Someone had not taken good care of this pattern enough to fold it properly.  Instead it’s a sad, crumpled mess.  I don’t even have the heart to show you the facing pieces.

This picture was taken after I carefully pressed the pattern with the iron (no steam):

Still looks like a sad pattern, no?

I was going to trace the pattern anyhow, but the crumpled state of the pattern made it quite difficult.

My husband came in and he thought what I was doing was highly interesting and snapped a photo.  :)  I was simply doing some math at the bottom of my traced pattern (with my concentration face).  He never quite sees all of the steps that go into creating a garment until he’s involved with helping me pin the bodice shut or is marking my hem so he was quite impressed with what he saw happening.

One thing I wanted to ask you all… Have you ever seen this insertion?

Someone went to the extent to sew in their tissue extension in the bodice, which I’ve never seen before.  Have you seen this on your used vintage patterns?

But then they carelessly crumpled up the pattern….  Go figure.

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