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Today I have the last fashion post from the Hayes Catalog that encompasses all manner of lingerie, slips, and underthings.

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I do have to be honest with you all… I never thought I’d be posting up lingerie on my website.  heh  But these are vintage scans for the betterment of our vintage-sewing knowledge right?!?

Well… here we go.

Starting us off are lots and lots of nylons: Miracle Stretch, Futuro, Surgicals, and my favorite Supp-hose.  The child in me is giggling about this one…

I’m not as familiar with nylons as I am with other types of undergarments, but they seem to have a large range of them in all sorts of styles and weights.

Sarong Girdles:

As soon as I read about the Sarong style, it seems to make sense: more walking easy with the cinched sides and tum-protectors.

They close with zippers at the sides, too.  I think zippers sound like a good idea but I’m not sure how well they would stay up over time versus the tried and true hook and eyes.

Page 46 is full of different kinds of longlines and ‘corsetry’.

I’m really liking the shaping of the bust; it’s not quite a bullet-style and it still isn’t a modern, rounded fit.  For me who hasn’t delved into the vintage bras much, these seem like the perfect in-between shape.  What do you guys think?

Spiral-Wire Boning with nylon and power net:

Again these all have a very similar shape to the bust.  All I’m thinking is I feel like I should get one just to improve my posture; they look quite restricting.

Girdles in all forms:

How neat is item E (top right) with the skirt?!  I would actually wear item D (mid-lower) with the lace details.  It has a cute shape to it.

Longline Bras:

A few of them have the bullet shape (Item A and B and one in the upper left corner), but what I think is interesting is the 1/2 bullet shaping on the longline that is in the lower right set of three, on the far left.  It has the spiral cone on the bottom but a flat upper section.  Seems like a nice balance of 50’s and 60’s shapes.


I keep thinking that I need to make a nice, pretty slip for myself.  I bought fabric for one many months ago but it’s always one of those projects that I keep putting off for other fun ones (just like my crinoline fabric which is sitting in my closet…).

More Slips:

I like slip N, at the lower right.  It’s sleek until the bottom where it seems to have some flounce to it.  Would be great for a 1/2 circle skirt or other skirts where you want a bit of shaping without going full-on crinoline.

Various Undergarments:

Huh!  Knee-length panties?

Item B is cute, no?  The little jumper-slip in one at the upper left.


Item B is lovely (upper left corner); I love the shape of the lace on the bodice.  An opposite that style is the nightgown for wintertime at the lower right (item G).  I think fitted ankle-pants are kinda funny; they remind me of being a little kid with the one-piece, zip-up pajamas.

And here’s a little bonus for you all!  The inside back cover is full of color images of jumpers and cardigans!

I think by now you know how fond I am of jumpers and cardigans.  :)  I think they’re all great in their own way (the color of the green one, the collar of the black one…) but I think my favorite is the light pink cardigan that has the white, crewel embroidery on it (middle left).

And here’s the back cover:

I’m quite fond of knitted dresses, and the pleated blue number at the lower left is just wonderful.  Maybe one of these days I’ll find time to knit up a skirt/dress just to see how it would look and fit.

Well, that’s all I have left for you guys from the Hayes Fashions Catalog from Fall 1958/Winter 1959.

I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for more fashion catalogs come spring time when I’m able to get out to a flea market.

Have any favorites from today or thoughts about undergarments you’d like to share?

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