Pattern Freebie: Warm Wool “Next-to-Nothings”

I’m back with a Stitchcraft freebie for you all.  This pattern comes from the No. 4o edition of Stitchcraft from December 1935.

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I know not many of you guys are probably dreaming of making knit pajamas or undergarments like you are of more practical items.  But when I came across this pattern last night I just had to share it.  I think it’s so sweet and feminine that one of you will want to knit this up.  I mean – I bet this would totally keep you warm in the winter months either worn as pajamas or even worn under your winter dresses.

Pattern Details:

These Next-to-Nothings is a two piece set: a vest (camisole) and panties (shorts).

The camisole is drafted for a 34-36 inch bust – but could easily be modified by adding additional stitches where they’re needed.  Using US size 3’s (vintage No. 10’s) the tension is 7 stitches to an inch over stockinette.

Honestly guys, I couldn’t find any information on what weight of yarn the Halcyon 2-ply yarn is.  There is a modern Halcyon yarn that is a sport weight 2-ply – but that’s all I could find.  If you wanted to knit this up, I just suggest you begin with a sport weight yarn to test out your gauge swatch and go from there.

One thing that I found when reading through the pattern is that the camisole pattern is much longer than it appears in the image.  The bottom ribbing of the camisole is actually the waist section.  Below that waist ribbing there is a bit over 100 rows (at least 115 rows) which is quite significant.  If I were to knit this up as a modern camisole with the vintage styling – I would be greatly reduce the rows below the waist.

Hope you all have a great weekend & happy knitting.

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