Florida Fashions from Spring 1952

Hey guys!  Check out what I’ve got to share with you today!

Back in May I went on a flea market trip this year with my mom where I found some lovely vintage catalogs.

During my lunch break, I was finally able to scan the Florida Fashions from 1952 for you all.  Since there were a lot of pages in this one, I’ll be posting them up in two different sets.

Here’s the close-up image of the cover:

 The black dress in the bottom right, is my absolute favorite in this whole catalog.  I just love (love, love!) the neckline and sculpted sleeves with buttons at the shoulders. 

 I wish I could find taffeta fabric like these at my local fabric store…

I’m really liking the grey number in the upper left.  I think the yolk is sweet and it just seems like it would be the perfect day dress.

 Check out the fun pockets on the first two dresses.

 I love how the models are just ‘beaming’ and radiating white light.  :)

 I wouldn’t normally have seen these fabrics and thought to make circle-dresses from them, but they really are pretty.  I’m continuing to love the pocket details and all of the bows on these also.

 Oooh, look how neat the far right dress is with it’s convertable collar.

I’ll be posting up the next set of these images for you soon; the next set has more day dresses but there will also be some undergarments, housecoats, and even (pretty) uniforms.

I already shared with you my favorite, but which do you guys like the best?  Any favorite vintage details?

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  1. Kerry July 27, 2011 — 1:30 PM

    I love the taffeta dresses too, and the chambray ones are also gorgeous. I like all the different pockets, it’s a novel way to make a dress different that you could easily use yourself.

  2. I like the grey dress that you pointed out as well as the floral numbers with the pockets and large collar. Oh how I wish it was normal for women to dress like this today.

  3. Casey July 28, 2011 — 6:46 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I think what really caught my eye was the plaid skirt on the top (left) scan–plaids are really appealing to me right now (as usual–I’m in fall sewing mode! lol.). I also adore the zig-zag illusion neckline; stunning!

  4. Jen O July 31, 2011 — 8:01 PM

    I love this 1952 catalog! Thanks for sharing so many great pages.

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