Falling For Cotton: The Scalloped Bodice Dress

Well… I finished it.  :)

On Sunday late afternoon, I finished hemming this dress and was somehow able to get outside with just enough light to take these photos for the Monday deadline.

I’ve had this cotton checkered print in my stash for quite some time.  It’s a great fabric, but this project kept getting pushed back to make way for other ones.  When Tasha & Rochelle’s Fall for Cotton Sew along was launched, I had three projects in mind.  But I had my heart set on making this one up.

While I love the dress, I’m not 100% happy with the fit.  There’s a weird fabric scrunching thing happening where the arm strap meets the bodice (near my armpit).  If this weren’t happening I’d be in love with this dress.  I already tried to fix the area once, so at this point that scrunchy fabric isn’t going anywhere.

I underlined the bodice in a black cotton batiste.  I was going to underline the skirt in the cotton batiste as well, but it felt way too heavy with that double layer.  Instead I opted to underline the whole skirt in black silk organza.

I love the colorful facings and seam allowances in this dress.

I paired the dress with black accents (belt, necklace, & shoes) as I think this dress is quite versatile for both summer and fall.  I’ll just wear a black (or red) cardigan with some tights and I’ll have a cute transitional dress.  My hair is the result of day 2 sponge curls; I pinned the sides back and did a tiny victory roll in the front for some bangs.

Bodice Detail:

Ugh! Scrunchy fabric …. I see you!  But the scallops are cute & happy, no?!  :)

Truth be told… I still don’t quite have my sewing mojo back yet.  I forced myself to sew some of it on Saturday afternoon/evening and then completed it on Sunday afternoon.  I’m happy I was able to suck it up – get down to business & finish it up for the sew along.  But I think I’m more happy it’s finished & done than anything.  So now I can go back to my knitting!  :D  heh

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Joelle September 30, 2013 — 9:57 AM

    This is a lovely dress, so good of you to finish it just in time for the sew-along deadline! The scallops are wonderful, I mean, who doesn’t love some scallops? And I don’t think a “normal” person (meaning someone who doesn’t sew and doesn’t think about how clothes fit all the time) would notice the wrinkles…

  2. This is a nice dress and I love the black accents. They give a delicate and sophisticated touch. I understand your issues with your sewing mojo. Here the temperature dropped 10ºC and it’s been raining copiously so I only feel like knitting too. I guess it’s due to the season season change. Everything will be back to normal soon :)

  3. maddie September 30, 2013 — 11:38 AM

    The fabric is super interesting on this dress – before reading the details, I thought it was a lightweight wool. Glad you pushed through this project, despite your lack of sewing mojo :)

  4. Very pretty dress! And done is always better than perfect. :-)

    If you use that pattern again – it looks like it might be a tad long-waisted for you – which could be part of the armpit scrunching. But wear it and be happy in such a pretty dress!!

  5. I would have never noticed the bodice wrinkles if you haven’t mentioned them. I love the scallops! They’re the perfect little something extra on such a staple, simple, dress. Well done! You look adorable, as always.

  6. Michelle September 30, 2013 — 12:39 PM

    I love your fabric! And, the neckline reminds me of a tulip, which I also love! I agree that this is going to work well as a warm weather and a transitional dress! You’ve got lots of layering potential here. I’m sure you’ll find your sew-jo soon. In the meantime, it’s nice to cozy up to some knits!

  7. Tasha September 30, 2013 — 2:04 PM

    I love it! Those scallops are SO cute. And that fabric really is wonderful. I love the black accents, inside and with the accessories outside. I would never have noticed the wrinkles unless you’d pointed them out! And if they really bother you, think of it this way– since it’s such a perfectly transitional dress, once you pop a cardigan on you’ll never have to think about them! ;)

  8. The scallops are very cute. Great use of your unusual fabric. The black accent pieces are nice too.

  9. Tanya September 30, 2013 — 9:02 PM

    Oh the fabric is to die for and the scallops are gorg! such a pity about the scrunching. I have no idea bout fitting, it is my nemesis

  10. Oh Liz! The scallops on this dress are perfection! You look so great in it! :)

  11. Amanda October 1, 2013 — 5:52 AM

    This is so lovely! The scallops are such a fantastic feature and I must say the inside finishing is impressive- so neat!

  12. Becky October 1, 2013 — 8:51 AM

    Looks lovely! The scallops are really fun, and the print definitely looks like it will be a great fall dress.

  13. Becca October 1, 2013 — 9:05 AM

    Cute dress! Looks beautiful inside and out. Love those scallops!

  14. Gail October 1, 2013 — 8:59 PM

    That really is a great fabric! I never would have guessed it’s cotton – it looks so much fancier! You’re right – you can wear this all year long. I really like it, in spite of the little bit of scrunchiness!

  15. Wanett October 1, 2013 — 10:30 PM

    So pretty!! I envy your ability to finish things. My Fall For Cotton plans fell well and truly apart!

  16. Debbie October 2, 2013 — 10:30 AM

    Your dress is lovely! I’m with everyone else who said this – I probably wouldn’t have noticed the wrinkles :) But, I totally understand being close to a project and wanting it perfect. Your dress looks great on you and congrats for finishing it!

  17. Juliet October 2, 2013 — 2:51 PM

    Oh, this dress is lovely! And the scrunchy armpit bits – don’t stress too much about them, very often we get so intimately acquainted with our garments that the less than perfect bits get blown out of proportion in our eyes. I’d never have noticed it if it hadn’t been pointed out, and the fabric’s busy enough to keep eyes distracted anyway. This is a beautiful make!

  18. Erin B October 4, 2013 — 8:41 PM

    I adore scallops. I have at least 10 patterns in my stash that have scallops I ust finished scalloped tThurlow shorts actually. I’m not a fitting expert but it looks like there is a little extra fabric between the waist and bust that is kind of pushing upward into the armpit area. What would happen if you curved that underbust dart inward more to take up more of that slack? Would that maybe fix it? However, likeveryone else said its wearable, beautiful and any non sewing person wouldn’t look once at the fit.

  19. The dress is beautiful. I see the bunching you are talking about, but it doesn’t look bad. I can imagine it being a little uncomfortable feeling though. The fabric is so pretty! And so is that neckline. I think it’s a great dress!

  20. Bex October 10, 2013 — 7:32 PM

    I really love how the scallop meets the seam (is it a dart) in the corner. Overall, the pattern styling and your fabric choices are fab – it’s a visually appealing combination!

  21. Evie May 28, 2014 — 12:08 PM

    I used that fabric for a maternity top I made myself last year, but used the other side as the right side. It’s fun to see something made with it in reverse!

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