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October 4

Pattern Freebie: Cable Knit Gloves

I know it’s just barely fall, but it’s going to be winter before you know it and you’re going to want some lovely new gloves.

Click on the following link to download the pattern as a pdf: Cable-knit Glove Pattern.

What’s so wonderful about this pattern (besides how pretty the gloves are)?  It’s drafted for BOTH men & women’s hands & uses worsted weight yarn to boot!

Well… the men’s calls for worsted and the women’s glove pattern calls for sport weight yarn.  It’s exactly the yarn you’d want to use for a pretty glove like this one.


Men’s Glove: 13 stitches = 2 inches, using a US size 2 (vintage Boye Size 3) knitting needle.

Women’s Glove: 15 stitches = 2 inches, using a US size 2 (vintage Boye Size 3) knitting needle.

At a first glance this doesn’t seem right.  But do imagine, using a smaller needle with a larger yarn will produce a very tight knit fabric – which is what you want with a winter glove.

Of course, I recommend testing this out on some scrap yarn you have lying around at home before you go out and buy the perfect yarn for this project.  Better to be safe than sorry & swatch.

This pattern booklet has a host of wonderful glove & mitten patterns in it; for men, women, & children!  If you’d like me to post up any more, just give me a shout out in the comments and I can make that happen.  :)

Have a lovely weekend you guys!

  1. Elena Knits / Oct 4 2013

    Hey Liz, thanks a lot for sharing this. They look really nice, and you are absolutely right. Fall came so suddenly that Winter will be here before we even realize. Knitting gloves sounds like a good plan!

  2. Rachel / Oct 5 2013

    Oooh pretty! It’s still summer here. Well, weather wise anyway ;) Those blue and white mittens look fun too!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Liz / Oct 8 2013

      I do love those blue & white ones too!

  3. Anna / Oct 7 2013

    Thank you for the pattern. You obvoiusly read my mind as I have just started to look for a new knitting project and I really need new gloves!

    Both the childrens mittens and the brown/green womens gloves look like fun projects. Please post those patterns as well. :)

    • chris / Oct 8 2013

      I second the request for the brown/green gloves pretty please :)

  4. K-Line / Oct 7 2013

    I really wish I’d seen this 10 minutes ago – when I just bought a new glove pattern! :-) Oh well, the more patterns the better…

  5. Caroline / Oct 7 2013

    Hi! I knit these very gloves for my boyfriend last year – one thing I found was that the fingers were very short. I’d recommend measuring the recipient’s hands to make sure you get a get a good fit. Also, there is a mistake in the pattern (on the directions for the second glove i think) but it is pretty simple to figure out. I also reversed the cabling pattern on the second glove so the gloves were mirror images of each other.

    Good luck! They are swell gloves.

    • Liz / Oct 8 2013

      Thanks so much for sharing this Caroline!

  6. MrsLeapheart / Oct 7 2013

    I, for one, would like to see the center pair of what appears to be crocheted gloves.

  7. Deanna / Oct 7 2013

    The women’s mittens (blue & white, with the adorable pattern) would be fun to make!

    • Liz / Oct 8 2013

      Oh yes! I love these too. I’ll be sharing this pattern for sure.

  8. Bree Larkin / Oct 8 2013

    I would love to see more of these patterns, I’m getting ready to move to Kansas and what perfect winter knitting!

  9. Jessica-Jean / Jan 18 2014

    You said, ” If you’d like me to post up any more, just give me a shout out in the comments and I can make that happen.” Yes, please! I’d like the pattern for the “Men’s Afghan Stitch Gloves No. 618, which begins on page 11 and continues on page 12.

    Thank you very much!

    • Liz / Jan 20 2014

      Hey Jessica! I’m in the middle of packing and have packed up a lot of my knitting patterns. If I don’t have this pattern booklet packed yet, I’ll be sure to post it this Friday for you. (Otherwise – I won’t be able to post it until sometime in April when I officially more). :(

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